1. mitraark

    VR Headset for OnePlus 3

    Just used a friends Lenovo ANTVR Headset recently with my OnePlus 3 and was really blown away by the 180 and 360 videos. I think it'd be nice to own one myself. Need to know which VR would be the best buy considering quality and VFM factor? Should I go with the ones with headphones as well ...
  2. S

    Developer Support

    Is developer support a factor for buying a phone? If we take example as Moto G it has a active xda page but phones of companies like micromax, lava,etc doest even have a dedicated xda page... I think developer support is a major factor as, now I own a 2 year old Transformer TF101... Asus left...
  3. srkmish

    Query regarding CGPA and Percentage

    I had a miserable CGPA in coll - 6.67 which according to my university norms equates to 6.67* 9.06=60.73%. I have applied for an exam which has 65% minimum requirement. I disregarded the conversion factor and multiplied my cgpa by 10 to get 66.7%. Will this be a worrying factor later. I mean...
  4. ithehappy

    Buying two fans for Hyper 212. Which ones should I?

    Currently have two R4 (A12025-20RB-3BN-F1). Should I get the Xtraflow ones? XtraFlo - Cooler Master Or anything else? Budget: Rs.500/piece. Noise level is a big factor! Thanks in advance.
  5. D

    New hard disk format suggestions

    I am planning to buy a new hard disk, as i lost ma old one after 5 long years.. so just wanted to know the things i need to know before buying like,can i buy any hard disk and connect it to motherboard or seagate with 7200rpm is rpm the only factor to look for , are there any...
  6. banskt

    Confused between Defy XT535 and HTC Desire C

    Looking for a handset (questionnaire filled below) within 14k. I have almost finalised Motorola Defy XT535, but HTC Desire C is still a viable option. Community support for ROM, kernel development remains an important factor (if not the deciding factor). Thats where Defy+ comes in. Again...
  7. darkv0id

    Android phone 7k to 8k

    Greetings! Okay, my cousin wants a new mobile phone in a budget of 7-8k. He wants a fast net experience, wants to listen to some music, play some games(probably Angry Birds and stuff). Details below. 1. Budget? 7 to 8k 2. Display type and size? 3.2, if possible 3.5 inch 3.2, if...
  8. patkim

    Dual Layer DVD + - R

    Wish to buy DVD DL R disks. When I run DVD Decryptor on my LG DVD Writer (OEM) it says Write Capability DVD DL-R No DVD DL+R Yes. Do I need to factor this (+R -R)while purchasing DL DVD disk. Some products do not have anything written about this sign as I check online. Thx
  9. U

    optimus black or xperia neo

    Help me guys.. my brother is buying a cell phone... Price is not a factor.. If you have to chose between these two phones.. which one would you chose?? please don't recommend any other phone
  10. The Sorcerer

    Gigabyte India Conference 2011 in Mumbai Videos

    LKxXQKX_QTI *www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKxXQKX_QTI Part 1 8GIcQrZt3-I *www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GIcQrZt3-I Part 2 [LEFT]Also, we had an interview with Tim Handley and well let's just say he really did give an info about the OMG ATX form factor that no1 knew about it until now...
  11. cute.bandar

    Need to buy a mini ups kind of thing

    Just want 10 minutes power backup for the router and modem. Something like this Want from a reliable company. If possible should be small form factor . Any advice ? where in delhi could I get one ? Thanks
  12. rahul_c

    1 TB External HDD for 4K

    I am looking for a external HDD with capacity of 1 TB, physical size doesn't matter. Do 3.5 form factor external HDD have adapter problems?Can these branded external HDD upgraded manually?
  13. rchi84

    Battle of the Budget CPUs

    Read this guys. THG did a comparison shootout Who's Got Game? Twelve Sub-$200 CPUs Compared : The Sandy Bridge Factor Things are looking bad for AMD :shock:
  14. N

    MicroATX vs ATX MOBo

    Hi guys I need clarification on whats the difference in microATX and ATX MOBO's in market ? Apart from form factor what else is different ? which one should a gamer choose ?
  15. arcticflare

    Are Apple earphones worth 1200??

    My earphones for the Ipod have gone bust and I've seen the earphones priced at 1200!! Sony sells earphones at 500. My question is are Apple's earphones worth 1200? The only reason I still feel attracted to the Apple earphones is the style factor. Can some one please suggest the best quality...
  16. Davidboon

    Is This The Xbox 360 Slim ??

    look at what i got from the TeamXbox forums *forum.teamxbox.com/] as the site quotes: We received an interesting tip that we thought we'd share with the group. Windows expert and all-around bon vivant Paul Thurrott recently previewed Microsoft's new Arc mouse on his personal...
  17. alter_ego

    Touch Screen or keypad

    I have recently upgraded myself from a Motoming to Nokia E61i. I must say I am enjoying the feeling of punching keys all over again. While I admit touchscreens does have a Wow factor but as far as usability and power-savings are concerned, key based cellphone have a slight edge. But then its a...
  18. ajayashish

    which is the best motherboard

    Can someone suggest me which is the best mothrboard for Quad core processors with and without SLI both. Price is not the main factor as i can spend 15k on that only.. I am not a overclocker so also keep that in mind
  19. C


    I hate these things but school sigh.. Anyways need some answers.. Plz spare some time ans do answer...;) Q) If you could write a book, what it be about? Why? Q) Is integrity an absolute value or a relative value? Q) What factor in your opinion or experience unites eveyone in the world...
  20. A

    what is risk factor with Gtalk?

    hi Guys, as earlier i was cheat by yahoo messenger ..some hacker stole my account details while chatting and it was a great headache for me.. so here i want to know is there some risk factor with Gtalk also if yes how can we save us.as currently i am using kaspersky internet security and...
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