VR Headset for OnePlus 3


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Just used a friends Lenovo ANTVR Headset recently with my OnePlus 3 and was really blown away by the 180 and 360 videos. I think it'd be nice to own one myself.

Need to know which VR would be the best buy considering quality and VFM factor? Should I go with the ones with headphones as well ? Any suggestions welcome.

A search on Amazon listed these as good buys

Procus PRO VR Headset - 100-120 Degree FOV with: Amazon.in: Electronic

IRUSU PLAYVR PLUS - UPGRADED 42MM Fully Adjustable: Amazon.in: Electronic

IRUSU MONSTER VR - with Bluetooth Remote .The best: Amazon.in: Electronic

My VR Goggles INFINITY !! Immersive with 120 degree: Amazon.in: Electronic


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I have used my OP3 with the VR headset from Xiaomi.( My cousin bought for around 1200 rupees from Aliexpress) It was well built and comfortable to wear. Watched some youtube videos in theatre mode and loved it. IMO dont spend too much on VR headset. Also use your own earphones/headphones.


nub 4eva
Ordered Procus One yesterday for Rs 1799 ( Lightning Deal ) but today Procus Brat with free Bluetooth Game Controller is available for Rs 1799/

One has better reviews than Brat, but they seems identical in features to me. Also, Mi VR getting released on 21 December might make other VR manufacturers lower their priecs/ Don't know what to do.
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