not able to remove the errors on the desktop after reboot


I once installed white smoke demo when it got expired i removed it partially by not clicking on restart now option. Today that option came(restart now) so i clicked yes and my pc rebooted and again that dialog box appears. Plus there are two text files opening i do not know why. How do i fix this error? Here is the pic: ""


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Hmm.... Well try searching and deleting all the entries of White Smoke. Also disable this particular process from Ccleaner or any other optimization software that you use. This should cure the problem .:)


try searching for white smoke leftovers and delete them. You can download Revo uninstaller to easily search them.


Living to Play
Revo would had helped him when he was uninstalling but he has already uninstalled it so Revo won't list that item. :)
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