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I purchased eVGA GTX 460 1GB SC EE FERMI card 3 years ago. Card was working fine till few days ago when suddenly ingame i had a bsod of Driver IRQL Not Less or Equal error. After that day my card cant handle any stress. System was booting fine, os loaded without problem but any application that uses gpu caused immediate artifacts followed by driver crash. If application continued to run then monitor lost the signal.

I was using 314.22 drivers since they were most stable.

I have installed/reinstalled/clean installed new/old drivers multiples times. I tested my RAM with memtest, no errors. Health check in HD Tune for HDD shows no warnings, i have scanned the drives for errors, no problems there as well. Refitted the card multiple times in the slot. Opened the card, applied the thermal paste as well. This leaves 2 probable causes, my PSU not providing enough power or the card itself. I ran prime95 test on mu cpu for full powerload. No errors found.

Last time i booted my system, there were multiple artifacts on the screen at the welcome screen. So its the card issue most likely but can be PCIe connectors not providing enough power. I have checked the cables for burn damage, I have tried switching the PCIe connectors but problem remains the same.I dont have anything else to check with. No spare graphic cards, repair shops doesnt even have psu with PCIe connectors to test it... and my card requires 2.. I had 2 molex to pcie converters but i am unable to find them. So do you think this problem can be due to PCIe connectors?

I have ordered Saphire HD 7770 1GB from flipkart, lets see what happens..
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doesn't your card have warranty as EVGA provides lifetime warranty mostly 10 years, try to RMA it rather than buying a new GPU.


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^ well, EVGA is non-existant in India, I guess. Their presence here is zero.
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