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  1. C

    Check my i3 and H81m configuration! Help me improve it!

    I'm building a PC for general usage and light gaming, not too serious. I want this build to last at least 5 years, able to cop up with new web browsers! My budget is around 20-30k Things I've bought so far! Monitor: Dell S2216H ips 22" LED ,it's badass! Cabinet : iBall Stella Mouse ...
  2. curioustechy

    Unable to erase DVD-RW

    I've been using a Sony DVD-RW for quite some time without any problem. I've erased & wrote more than 10 times. But last day i could not erase the disc. I use power iso. But i tried with nero too. Even the context menu 'erase disc' is missing. Nero says the disc is not rewritable.
  3. swiftshashi

    How much more load can my PSU take???

    Hello to all members, I have an ancient (2006 march) model Compaq Presario woth a 250W max capacity PSU. Here are the specs and additional equipments I've added. Base Config: Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.06 GHz 256 MB RAM 80GB HDD ATi Radeon Xpress 200 Series Graphics. 1 Case Fan. 1 FDD 1 DVD-RW Drive...
  4. ramakanta

    about optical drive

    I have Sony DVD RW DRU-880S ATA Device. Inside the manual written:- BD-ROM BD-R BD-RE HD DVD-ROM HD DVD-R HD DVD-RW DVD-ROM DVD+R9 DVD+R DVD+RW DVD-R9 DVD-R DVD-RW DVD-RAM CD-ROM CD-R CD-RW my question is - what does it...
  5. sujoyp

    Intel DH67BL restart issue :(

    I am facing an issue with my 4 days old Intel DH67BL motherboard. whenever I shut it down form Windows 7 Ultimate it restarts again..Never saw this issue in any PC before :( My config is Intel i3-2100 Intel DH67BL gskill 4gb DDR3 RAM Corsair 430w PSU Seagate 320GB SATA HDD Sony...
  6. A

    DVD-RW and motherboard

    hi friends.. my motherboard is have SATA configuration, and DVD-RW is of IDE. so what i need to do to connect it.
  7. iitmanojit

    2 Sata but 2 HDD, 1 DVD-RW.. Help

    Hi friends... I have a little problem. I have only 2 SATA (3Gbps) ports in my motherboard. One is connected to my HDD and other is connected to my DVD-RW. I am planning for buying another HDD which I am going use internally. I mean not as external HDD. I don't want to buy an IDE or PATA HDD...
  8. D

    need a new PC config within Rs.30000/-

    so i'm thinking of buying a new PC within Rs 30,000/-.... EDIT: I only need a motherboard, RAM, Processor, HDD, PSU, cabinet ,DVD-RW, Graphic Card....:-) please suggest the best possible configuration for this budget. thank you.
  9. Revolution

    Can't Make Partition Properly.....

    please help me ! I am unable make partition(primary,extended.logical) on my new sata hdd. Currently I have one ide hdd and one dvd-rw.
  10. N

    Optical Drives of 20 X DVD-RW's Breaking CD's & DVD's

    Dear Friends, I am a MBA Student from Chennai University, having Computer assembling as a Hobby. Recently I have come across the CDs and DVDs getting broken inside the DVD-RW's. Last week it happened with my friends PC, with ASUS 20X DVD-RW.( Just 10 days old) But yesterday my own SONY 20X...
  11. P

    DVD-RW Drive

    I want to buy a DVD-RW drive with LightScribe (SATA interface). I was checking for LiteOn drive....I think model was LH-20A1L. But that's not available in the market. Which other brand and model I can go for?? Is Optiarc available in India...??
  12. BBThumbHealer

    Can Faulty IDE Cable Be The Cause Of Slowness in Windows Installation ?

    Hello Guys , Facing this problem for a really long time now ! Purchased a Sony DVD-RW about 2-3 months back and attached it to my Samsung DVD-RW in the system using same IDE cable ( i purchased a new cable at that time .... i m still having the old one which i used with Samsung DVD-RW !) ...
  13. raksrules

    Able to burn DVD-RW, Not able to burn DVD-R

    I am facing an issue since past couple of days when i tried writing a DVD. I selected all the files and proceeded for the actually burning of the DVD-R. The data is around 4.3 GB consisting of 6 Divx/Xvid movie files. But when the burn process starts the total time shown is around 7-8 minutes...
  14. go4saket

    Problem in playing XVID in standalone DVD players...

    Hi Guys! I converted some home shot videos into XVID using AutoGK and then burnt them to a DVD-RW so that I can check the quality in TV, as my DVD player supports MPEG4. The problem is that my DVD contains just one track but my DVD player shoes 3 and the DVD just doesnt run in the DVD player...
  15. H

    Lg Psu ??

    Yesterday I opened my friends branded LG desktop to install a lan card, I was surprised to see that the SMPS was rated 220W only :confused:, Why so low ? But it was running a descent config: 160gb intel 945 e4400 DVD-rw How come his psu is running with only 220watts. Are the 450w or higher...
  16. Optimus Prime

    dvd-rw prob??

    I want to buy a dvd writer that can also make labels i.e.lightscribe dvd writer...Is it recomended dat one shud always go for a normal dvd-rw instead of a lightscribe one??does lightscribe dvd-rw pose any problem during dvd writing n does it support al formats of dvd??
  17. krazzy

    Can a DVD-RW be erased in combo drive?

    I know we cannot write on a DVD-R/RW in a combo drive, but can we erase a DVD-RW in it?
  18. R

    can PATA connect with SATA

    I have an Intl 845 motherboard, with PATA IDE connectors. Can I connect SATA hard disks and DVD-RW by using SATA to PATA connector? Pls guys replyyyyyyyyy
  19. club_pranay

    Power Consumption

    Hi! My pc was running fine, but very recently i added a cooling fan to the cabinet. and then all the problem started, hdd errors, dvd-rw errors etc. now that i have isolated the problem to the newly added fan, my question is, do i realy need a higher power SMPS?? EDIT: SMPS WATTAGE 220WATTS...
  20. P

    DVD-RW not reading/writing any disc

    Hi All, I am new to Digit forums. I recently bought a SONY DVD-RW AW-G170A, it was working fine until the other day it sudenly stopped reading/writing any disc CDs and DVDs eventhough it is recognised by windows. I have Power DVD and Nero installed for movies and burning respectively. My...
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