1. Cyberghost


    RIDE FAST EXPLORE MORE Ride a massive open world of the Alps and Alaska, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends.Defy and master the world’s most epic mountains on skis, wingsuit, snowboard, and in paraglide. Go solo or drop in side by side with other players. Record and share...
  2. vedula.k95

    Want to extend my PC RAM to 8 GB

    Hello Forum, I built a PC last year in economy mode,and i installed 4 Gb Ram in it,UMAX,since then i am have been feeling like the ram is bottlenecking my overall performance,so here I drop my question list me some good rams of 8 GB,and what matters in gaming when compared to RAM. :lol: :lol:
  3. Ricky

    Compensation for call drop by Re.1 from Jan 1, 2016

    It was news from long, TRAI had proposed it and now it is finalized.. guess who will suffer most.. BSNL.. which is already on ventilator from people's money... It is now compulsory for the telecom TRAI has now made it compulsory for all telecom operators to pay Re 1 to users in case of call...
  4. justme101

    Frame Rate Drops - No load on GPU!

    Hi Guys, My PSU went bad a few weeks ago and i was left without a PC as i couldn't buy one due to time constraints. Now, when i finally have it started with a new Antec VP450P, i started to play CSGO with very irritating frame drops. I even turned down all the settings to low, except a few at...
  5. .jRay.

    MS in US with backlogs

    So it's like this. I didn't do well during the first 2 years on engineering, and as a result i have 5 backlogs. I really could've done much much better but i was overconfident at that point. Now that i know it's value its too late. I want to pursue MS in Mechanical Engineering from the US. I...
  6. A

    Moto G 4.4.4 update.

    Hey guys I bought my Moto G two weeks back and it works pretty good with no issues so far. Thankfully. Just now I saw my phone got the latest update 4.4.4. Should I install it? News on the internet says majority of the users are facing Wi-Fi drop issues, call drop issues etc. So it is pretty...
  7. amruth kiran

    Suggestions for a PS3 model.

    HEY GUYS! It is that time of the year when exams are upon us and we gotta bribe our parents for a little toy we want :wink: ,strictly speaking of course, the toy being a PS3 (not Xbox). Its simple really, I NEED A PS3 and i feel the 12GB would suffice for me to play GTA V/FIFA ,I wont be...
  8. F

    Should i buy the Z1 today or W8 for MWC to get over?

    Hi I am planning to Buy the Z1, should i get it now (approx 33k...) or w8 for MWC to get over hopping for a price drop or it aint worth it ??? Thanks& regards!
  9. V

    A good Wifi modem within 2K.

    hello guys,, I have BSNL broadband connection since 2008, but now i want other devices to be connected with Wifi. So planning to buy modem+router(combined) within 2000Rs. So please suggest me a router which has good wifi range, no signal drop and good connectivity. I will be connecting 2...
  10. V

    Upgrade from 1440x900 to 1920x1080 Monitor FPS Drop

    hi, i want to buy full hd led monitor of 21.5 inch under rs 10000 i have short listed Dell S2240L 21.5 inch LED Monitor Dell S2240L 21.5 inch LED Monitor - Buy @ Rs.8999/- Online | Snapdeal.com is there any other monitor form manufacturer like lg ,Samsung etc i am using my lg monitor for 5...
  11. H

    help me (about lumia 920)

    am totally confused so please help me first i want to buy a highend smart phone i like the lumia 800:oops: very much but it is out dated so now it is lumia 920 should i buy l920 now or wait until price drop (because iwill be very upset if nokia drops its price after i purchase:|) is...
  12. LegendKiller

    Lumia 800 substantial price drop: Rs18.5 K

    Ok, here it goes.......another signal that new lumia's are just few days away now that Microsoft will be their Win-8 event tommorrow. Nokia has dropped the price of its former flagship to Rs.18500 from 23000 till a few days back. Link : Nokia Lumia 800 gets a price drop by over Rs 4K Worth...
  13. Siddharth_1

    New GFX for 28k

    My config is in my signature. I want a new GFX for around 28k. Buying it in 5-6 days. Open to online options or else buying it from Nehru Place in Delhi. I was think about gtx 670. Also, there has been a price drop for hd7970 to $400, but then why the price for hd 7970 is the same in india?
  14. sanny16

    2 TB portable WD HD for Rs.11,900

    Should i purchase it or wait for the price to drop? Hdd with high rpm is good or low?
  15. C

    help in building best animation workstation that can be easily upgradeble in following 2 to 3 years

    I work on mainly 3dsmax , After effects , photoshop cs6 , gimp , blender , Inkscape , Avid , Dreamweaver softwares, python and php languages . NO Gaming and overclocking needed . I want to build a Workstation for the above needs which is upgradable in further years as the prices drop of...
  16. A

    Bandwidth requirement for BF3

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying the BF3 premium package so that i can play online. Now im gonna be playing from my college hostel on my phone internet , which even though is listed as 3G , gives us 2G speeds (maximum of 20 Kbps i think). Is it even possible to play on those speeds or...
  17. eggman

    Excel 08 behaving differently on Windows and Mac

    Hi Guys I am developing an integration between Excel and a System Software. Basically the System software downloads data in Excel format, fills it and uploads it back and the DB is updated after the uploaded. However I'm facing an issue. The Mac version of excel is not behaving properly...
  18. A

    Need advice

    hello, well i passed cbse 10th in 2009 with 60% and 1st puc [pcmc] with 62% after that due to some issues in college they dint give me hall ticket and lost a year.then same college gave me seat[whch i dint wanted to join but joined by force] and now i have a subject back which i think ill...
  19. far

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Price Drop?

    Now that S3 has been launched and released widely in India and the instore price is 40k with the bluetooth headset.. Can be found for 1-2k cheaper online, isn't it time that Samsung reduce the price on its predecessor S2 yet ? What are they waiting for ?. Or they wont drop the price at all...
  20. T

    Should I buy Galaxy S2 now?

    As we all know that Samsung Galaxy S3 will be launched on 31st May in India... But i dont want to buy a phone so expensive like it ...so i thought of buying Galaxy S2 now....Should i buy it now ..i mean one or two days after the release as the price will drop ? or after two three weeks...please...
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