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  • 25k Will buy it right away :p.. paying 1k more is worth rather waiting ..I guess.. :)
    haha :p ....ya i too hope that :( please more early .....you don't know how much impatient I am :p ... i m thinking of spending 1k more and getting it now.....and i m from Noida (Delhi NCR)
    well yes.. its 26.5k at Chennai local stores... :) ..I hope the prices drop within one month...I guess I'm being impatient...Which city are u from.. ?
    its not even a week since S3 is launched ...and official S2 price is 28k ..and u can easily get at 26k from majority of the stores.....the maximum drop i believe can go till 26l offcial and 24k at local stores but atleast take a month ...i m planning to buy it for 25k only if some store gives me ...i'll update u when i go again to a local store...have u checked with stores in your city?
    Doesnt seem like Samsung has any idea of dropping the prices anytime soon :O
    and 26k was also for cash payment ....ummm i prefer buying an expensive mobile from a local store than online ... and yes sure :)
    Well.. nothing better than yours.. i got a quote for 26.5k cash payment. I want to buy ASAP as well. Also looking for 3 months 0 % EMI... thats why looking for Univercell or Mobilestore to drop prices.. Not a big fan of Ebay though ... Keep me posted.
    when i went to a local store last Sunday ...the shopkeeper agreed to give it for 26k
    I thought of going again yesterday but wasn't able to go....i hope the price drop is soon i want to buy it as early as possible ...
    any deals from your side?
    he he..same here ..waiting for the price drop... 25k may be I will buy...let me know if u get know any deals :)
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