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  1. comp@ddict

    Sony still losing $50 on every PS3 sold

    No wonder they didn’t lower the price for the holiday Even with all of the recent production revisions of the PlayStation 3, according to iSuppli as well as other sources, Sony continues to lose money on the PlayStation 3. On the $399 PlayStation bundle, Sony is still losing almost an...
  2. Sridhar_Rao

    PHP: drop down list and mysql

    I am just starting.. .I am facing difficulty in solving a simple issue. Please help me with code. There is a table with names of individuals and their addresses. Say, the column 1 is name, column 2 is add1, column 3 is add2. I want a simple program in php that would display the ordered list...
  3. A

    Electronic circuits simulation softwares

    I am searching for a easy,good and nice Electronic circuits simulation software...but i vain :( All of the softwares that i downloaded will generate some waveforms but i need these ... 1.Find current in any branch 2.Solve Nodal analysis,Mesh Analysis ... 3.easy drag and drop of...
  4. comp@ddict


    Intel will cut the prices of some products on the October 19th. Core 2 Quad Q8200 with its 2.33GHz clock will be first on the list and it will drop from $224 to $193. Superstar Quad core Q6600 a good old 65nm 2.4GHz CPU with 8MB cache, the most popular quad core of all time will drop from its...
  5. G

    New Rig..Advice plz

    hi guys...is my decision right E8400 MSi p45 neo-f HD4850 Corsair vx450 transcend 2gb ddr2 800 mhz RAM dell se198wfp Is hd4850 really better than 9800gtx+..also if i wait for a month or two...will nehalem cause price drop in c2d and c2q and also graphic cards coz gtx260core 216 is also...
  6. B

    Price drop in Intel Quad core

    Guys will any price drop is expected on Intel Quad core esp Q6600 & Q9450 in near future (1-2 months)?
  7. R

    how 2 detach(float)bookmark window firefox v3

    Searching the forum could not get the info, but I think this must have been discussed. FF 2 allows bookmark window to float separately & I can see the list via drop down menu, where as FF3 the bookmark window remains stuck with address bar, how can I detach it from the address bar?
  8. dreamcatcher

    Moto to drop to fifth place!!!

    Source Well.Still a rumour, will he very sad if this happens.SE will hopefully retain the 3rd position in the next quarter with some great phones in their lineup.
  9. nix

    going doubles in two wheeler: will it reduce mileage?

    i have heard several versions on this one. i drop my friend back home. that guy is around 70 kilos when i myself am 57 kilos. we go in an activa. am not sure if this will cause a drop in mileage. if it does,then how much?
  10. dotcommakers

    possible price drop - mobiles?

    I read in news paper that in this budget.. there will be less tax for mobile etc. stuff so price may drop up to 10% is this true? should I wait till budget?
  11. hahahari

    ..::Broadband Woes::..

    Guys I have Airtel 256 Unlimited plan, and my pc runs 24x7 and I see that every few minutes, my speed drops to zero and then comes up again. I am using Beetle 220bx modem from Airtel. I called up airtel and made a complaint againt this and they sent a tech-guy over but the tech guy says this 5...
  12. Batistabomb

    How to remove autorun pop-up

    whenever i am right clicking the c: or d: or e: , instead of "open" in first drop - down tab, a new tab "autorun" is appearing so whenever i double click a new window will certailnly open,i think all are awareof this win32 tr worm spread with usb,i cleaned it but the mistake i done during...
  13. Batistabomb

    where do you drop the person above you

    Drop the person above at.... Just tell where wud u lik 2 drop da person above u... like in/at---- Hell Heaven Park Restaurant Clinic Space Everest Ocean Forest Temple Desert On a big black buffalo.... Indo-Pak border.... list is endless.....choice is urs
  14. Voldy

    PS3 Price Cut

    UK PS3 Price Cut and New 40GB Model Today? We'll be very surprised if Sony doesn't drop the price of the Playstation 3 sometime soon. The rumors are all but confirmed, and Sony itself has given it's traditional form of confirmation – an official denial. UK gadgeteers Pocket Lint are...
  15. B

    USPS Shipping

    Company send the materials via USPS International Mail Priority without tracking number. USPS website says that it will deliver within 7-10 days but i didn't receive my product after 10 days. There is anyone know where the USPS drop the materials on which Post Office on Which state and city...
  16. C

    Nokia 888

    Talks of Sleek Iphone is over.. It is not worth the amount it is charging when it can't provide simple features which cheap mobiles can handle. New Nokia sleek 888 looks better than Anything out there yet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3dF44XtHek Drop in your comments.
  17. T

    Query : Price Drop = Quality Drop ???

    Well heres a simple question running in through my mind ... whenever hardware prices drop does their quality also drop ??? I had a DVD writter purchased a long time back (round 4 to 4.5 years ago approx) for quite a sum ... burnt a huge amount of discs ..... total disc faliures would be hardly...
  18. Sukhdeep Singh

    Intel CPU Price Cuts (July 22) - Quad Core - 266$

    While AMD AM2+ processors are due out in Q3, Intel announced another plan on price reduction just 3 months after the previous drop on April 22. With a remarkable cut at 50%, AMD is facing another harsh battle with Intel. As reported before, Intel has had hinted a price drop in Q3, expecting a...
  19. prasad

    to add item to open with list...

    i've an application( notepad2) which is not installed to be ran, now only drag n drop works with it( no browse in the open with list works)..how can i do tht?:mad:
  20. Pravas

    Intel Quiery

    Hello , can any of you guys tell me when will Intel drop its price. I mean by which date. Thank YOu :D
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