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  1. Pravas

    Intel Price Drop

    Hey is it for real that Intel Is going to drop its price by Late April. Please tell me by how much the price will fall. By the wat's the price for q6600 processor. Thanks:grin:
  2. trigger

    Fold n' Drop..

    Fold n’ Drop is a new interaction technique for seamlessly dragging and dropping between overlapping windows. It allows you to fold windows while dragging objects. In pictures, here’s what it looks like: There are some interesting video links on the site that make for interesting...
  3. G

    Is this a right time to upgrade??.

    Hello Guys, I have been planning to upgrade my P4(1.5ghz) from a very long time. I have decided to go with the C2D E6600 and the Intel DG965WH m/b (media series) and samsung 940BW Is this is the right time to upgrade? I was expecting the prices of these hardware components to fall after...
  4. iinfi

    wat can we expect frm vodafone??

    we already know that vodafone has bagged 67% stake in hutch.. calling rates r not gona drop i believe... can we expect mobile broadband frm vodafone ??? jus a dream ...
  5. whoopy_whale

    creating tool tip on mouse hover

    In a form I have a drop down box and a multiple select box.Depending on the value of drop down box,the multiple select box is populated using java script.i.e. when you change the drop down box,the multiple select box also changes its contents. It's working fine now... I would like to add...
  6. Cool Buddy

    help for excel

    I often have to make lists of some items which is like a quotation for the buyers. I have all the items and their prices listed in a separate sheet. For the name of the items i use drop down menu. Is there any way so that the price is taken automatically in the cell on its right?
  7. shaunak

    ubuntu help.

    Hi, imm running ubuntu and vista on my system but grub ist working and i cant boot into vista noramly! Also my screen resolution is stuck at 640 at 60hz! no other options are available in the drop down list. how do i change it? help.
  8. midhunmon

    SMPS Voltage drop stops AGP from working?

    Will a voltage drop below 3V on a 3.3V rail of an SMPS cause the AGP card to not operate? The system LED and The HDD Led both are glowing but no picture and the monitor is in a state as if in standby mode.
  9. mobilegeek

    Moto ROKR E1 available in India??

    Anyone Check if Motorola ROKR E1 with i-tunes available here or not .. Shared Memory 512MB, 3D stereo speakers, Apple iTunes compatible, MPEG4/MP3 player, iTAP, Organizer, Drag and drop up to 100 songs I havnt seen it in market .. If anyone know its availability here in India ...
  10. reddick

    7610 Keypad Querry

    I have accidentally drop my phone n now the buttons *,6,0 and 4 are not working.Only if i press them with force than it works...I visit NOKIA CARE n they tell me that their is no warranty if u drop ur phone...So they ask me to pay for it...Is their is any SELF-REPAIR tip so that i can fix it...
  11. jay4u

    Drag & DROP - Encoding video files

    Can you people suggest a Drag & Drop one click encoding solution to convert mpg files to divx / xvid / avi without bothering about the bitrate just setting the quality of output file and the program automatically sets the parameters..... i have used POCKET DIVX ENCODER and it was pretty good...
  12. T

    Is it the right time to buy a new PC???

    I am gonna buy a new PC pretty soon (within this weekend) My question is, is it the right time? Coz i feel maybe the prices might drop in december.. Is it worth the wait? Will there be a drop in the prices in december? And also is Amd 3800+ x2 available right now? If yes whats the price?
  13. R

    Writer Problem

    Got a LG writer in an external drive case which I use through the USB port.Now whenever I want to write something the "choose recorder" drop down list always gives "Image recorder" and no other options.Tried in many machines but same prob.Using Nero.Plz help.
  14. R

    monitor out of Hz. can't rectify

    My LG monitor is showing a message that monitor out of Hz. I have tried to log in the safe mode and from settings-monitor-refreshrate tried to change the refreshrate.But instead of giving any digit in the refreshrate drop down list its showing "Default hardware setting" message.Please tell how...
  15. nix

    drop shadow error

    the icon labels on the desktop alays have a blue background. so i enabled drop shadow for icon labels from control panel. but still, the blue background for the text does not go? help please.
  16. rachitboom2

    Poll on => Need for Speed Underground 2 -- Good or Bad

    Is the great drop in the performance (in frame rates) of Need for Speed Underground 2 from the previous version Need for Speed Underground 1 worth it or not. What I am trying to say is that hey havent improved a lot at graphics but the performance drop is far to much.
  17. N

    What is your asnwers?

    I would have been very haapy to get these info about 7 or 8 years back when i first started using net.Well goggling with out proper knowledge can confuse u rather than convincing you.I think it may help others .These are the site i think best in my web jouney up to now(which i have personally...
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