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help in building best animation workstation that can be easily upgradeble in following 2 to 3 years


Right off the assembly line
I work on mainly 3dsmax , After effects , photoshop cs6 , gimp , blender , Inkscape , Avid , Dreamweaver softwares, python and php languages .

NO Gaming and overclocking needed .

I want to build a Workstation for the above needs which is upgradable in further years as the prices drop of the components . because i dont have much budget now , so i want to add up components slowly after the prices drop because i am still learning .

Need advise on

Motherboard - Thinking of multiprocessor lg 1155 with sli advise needed on good motherboard for future upgrades in components .
CPU - Ivy bridge i3 to start or do i need to buy xenon ivy bridge to start
Ram - 8gb + 8gb 1600mhz - cost under 8k
GPU - sarting level workstation nvidia , with min budget so that i can add another gpu with sli nxt year
proper psu and cooler to handle above .

I am thinking to keep budget under 45k and further upgrades to 1.5lakh in more 3years as i learn more .

Note . as i am still leraning i need stability and upgradibility , i can wait a few minutes for rendering in this year and more performance in nxt year and buy more as prices drop .

So please help me with the configurations for starting and further upgrades with the prices available , i am from hyderabad .

Thank you .
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