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  1. A

    drop out student can get adm in JBIMS?

    hiee friends..... my aim to get adm in JBIMS or Welignkar through CET but i get drop in engg.... this drop affects the get adm to JBIMS or not and i m in caste?it really affects or not?
  2. sparx

    Techwit January 2012

    Techwit January 2012 issue launched on 7th January read it on Techwit Magazine or Techwit January 2012 We are currently accepting articles for February issue, if anyone wants to contribute please drop a mail to contact.techwit@gmail.com
  3. A

    Defy vs. Neo V

    I want to buy a new android phone for around 15k. So far, I have it narrowed down to the Motorola Defy and the Sony Ericsson Neo V. As per me, the Defy seems the better bet : 1. Although officially on android 2.2, some really amazing mods are available for it 2. It's waterproof...
  4. Liverpool_fan

    Doom 3 Source Code published under the GPL

    [Phoronix] Doom 3 Source Code Published Under The GPL Note the game assets do not come with the code, so you cannot just build the entire game itself using this code. Hoping to see good games coming out of this great engine. And btw the ioDoom3 Project is set up too. iodoom3
  5. Jaskanwar Singh

    BF3 problems

    Guys i again faced lag in BF3. i mean there is sudden fps drop sometimes. shall i revert back to 11.9? or any other reason?
  6. M

    Need a mp3 player under 2000

    Suggest me good mp3 player that have best sound quality within my budget and supports drag and drop for mp3 files.:smile:
  7. TickTock

    PlayStation 3 Price Drop

    Source: Gamescom: PlayStation 3 Price Drop - PS3 News at IGN Soo.. are you planning to buy a PS3 this Diwali.:grin:?
  8. tkin

    5 Month old APC 650va(Kolkata)

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: APC 650VA UPS Expected Price: SOLD Time of Purchase: 12/2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes/ 1yr 7months Reason for Sale: Upgrading to GTX580 Rig Purchase Invoice Available: Yes Product Condition: Very...
  9. dd_naik

    MTNL Speed Drop

    To All MTNL Unlimited Plan Users, I've Noticed a Tremendous speed drop, since March 2011.I was very much concerned as various horrible thoughts crossed my mind like sum1 sharin my internet, hack etc etc. Latr, I came to knw many Mtnl unlimited plan users noticed the same drop in speed across...
  10. sujoyp

    Street Cricket PS2 version

    I want Street cricket which got free with PS2. If someone selling please drop a message here:razz: nobody have it???:?
  11. gagan007

    IE6 Countdown

    It is not a hidden fact that IE6 is maybe the worst browser ever. It didn't have the functionalities that other browsers of the same era provided. It had many security vulnerabilities that even developers at Microsoft got tired of patching. It was slower than the slowest and buggier than the...
  12. lionheart133

    Update on Gaming Rig @ 65K

    Hi Guys, Had posted a thread called Gaming Rig @ 50K Setting Up a GAME PC - Digit's Technology Discussion Forum However after a lotta research and talking to peers have come to a conclusion of going the Intel Way (always had an AMD but now its time to part ways Well here are the specs Intel...
  13. patkim

    How to clear drop down list - 'Type a question for help' box - Office 2003

    In Office 2003 programs like Outlook or Word , there’s one text box available at top right to ‘type a question for help’. As you enter your search query for getting help, it keeps the previous search string in the drop down list there in it. Is there any way to clear this drop down list?
  14. vikasg03

    how to creat form in word

    In ms word 2003, I want to create a form, say exam entrance form, which is having text values check box, drop downs and some fix data. operation needs to enter only variable fields like name, gender, subjects from drop down. How to create so fixed data cannot move or edited. operator only...
  15. tango_cash

    is it right time buy a terabyte harddisk????

    hi i am thinking of buying a new harddisk. i am thinking of buying a 1 tb hdd, but i have some doubts- 1. the price of 1tb hdd is around 3800-4500(segate-wd). 500gb hdd are available for Rs 2500. so my question is are 1tb hdd prices about to drop in future(i mean in the next 3-4...
  16. A

    question about 3g in india

    hi does some one know on what standard 3g will be available in india? either gsm or cdma i noticed that bsnl had introduced nic cards in my town and started rolling out evdo cards lately are they going to drop gsm network? ----------------------------------------- Posted again...
  17. hjpotter92

    +2 AIEEE.. an then? Repeat

    I scored 88% in 12th class from CBSE(Science). scored AIR 44882 (gen. category) and now, i have to drop, because there is no govt. college for Comp. Sc.
  18. utsav

    Happy Birthday to Krates

    After being given a task to me by Krates (Kushagra) am making this thread, so Happy Birthday to you , :grin: May you get your new mobile soon and do not drop it in water again in bathroom :lol:
  19. T

    Microsoft To Exit the Zune Business?

    According to Microsoft's quarterly filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Zune platform experienced a revenue drop of 54 percent, or $100 million. This compares to relatively healthy sales of the iPod, which were up 3 percent in the same period (though revenue did drop by 16...
  20. H

    Extendin my lappie's battery life

    Hello All, I have a bought dell laptop 1525(in may) with 9 cell battery. Currently i see drop in battery performance. I usually plug in power always while working even though it is fully charged. Is it a reason for drop in battery performance? Now hw to xtend my battery life? Thanks in...
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