1. vickybat

    The Last Of Us

    The most anticipated game on PS3 is all set to launch on june 14th. After their uncharted trilogy, very few people ( so called critics) had some negativity towards naughty dog. Be it weird camera angles or use of scripted sequence, the reasons although being dumb, existed nevertheless. Some also...
  2. CommanderShawnzer

    Man detained after pet mates with stray

    Source :lol: :rofl: :lol: I will never get a pet dog after reading this.
  3. H

    Sony registers The Last of Us 2 & 3 domains, The Order: 1886 speculation resumes

    Sony registers The Last of Us 2 & 3 domains, The Order: 1886 speculation resumes | VG247
  4. H

    Worst/Best company logos in history?

    Feel free to post any logo whether old or new, as long as it has officially been used. Worst: Naughty Dog Best: and They should fire whoever changed the logo to grey.
  5. Anorion

    only in india

    you can buy that for 50 crore PS, if anyone cares, there are less than 1800 tigers left in the wild in India (link is pdf file in google docs) these are millions of year old fossils traded as some religious thing iphone applications pack, 480 bucks dvd on ebay sorry for...
  6. JojoTheDragon

    Pet Lovers Thread

    Whether it be a dog, cat, mouse, this is the thread for your pet. :D Post anything and everything about them. :) I'll be making a list here, so post you pet's Species Breed Name Pic (with URL) :D Username|Species | Breed | Name | ||| JojoTheDragon | Dog | Golden Retriever | iko
  7. rezurect007

    Mobo: Old dog New Tricks?

    Old dog New Tricks? CPU-GPU Can we teach an old dog new tricks? Academic Question. Can we pair an Old Processer with a newer GPU Current config: Pentium D 2.8 Ghz processor P5KPL-AM/PS Mobo ,Intel G31 Chipset ,Socket 775(ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS) 4 GB DDR2 RAM If i...
  8. E

    Adopting a dog

    hey guys i am going to buy a dog for me.this is my first time. i want a a dog which looks heavy and deadly as i am bit healthy.please give me tips.which dog breed should i go for?i have thought of much does this dog costs?
  9. A

    Rashi peripherals suxx :x

    I had a xfx 8800GT alpha dog edition which was having overheating problem!. Rashi replaced it wid 88GT alpha dog extreme (OC editon) which made me happy , but later i realised that the replaced card was also faulty...the VRAM was corrupt. I again took it to rashi for RMA and within a week...
  10. V

    My Dog is a Solar charger!!

    Animal rights activities should exuse this article.. At the outset I agree DOGis one of must trusted and faithful animal..People in all walk love this..(unless its cannine teeth sung deep in to your flesh and get stiched) But I was surprised that the Man's ancient companian can be useful for...
  11. gary4gar

    Calling All Dog Owners, Thinking of adopting Labrador puppy

    Hi all, My friend has a Labrador which he says is a cross breed between a Labrador and great dane(not sure if that's correct, please check the pics and tell).she is about 6weeks old and full black in color. now, I am thinking of adopting the cute little puppy:ohyeah: here are first pics...
  12. Gowt1ham

    FS: XfX 8800gts alpha Dog edition, X2 3800+,G.Skill Ram, Philips SHP 2500 headphone.

    FS: XfX 8800gts alpha Dog edition and zune 30gb(bangalore) WTS: xfx 8800 1. XfX 8800gts alpha Dog edition :3.9k Shipped Warranty:1.5yrs remaining, max load temp 68 SPs:96 memory:320mbDDR3 BUY FROM EBAY FOR 3450 Rs SHIPPED using 15% discount coupon Or 3550Rs shipped using 10 %...
  13. Psychosocial

    An interesting ecounter with D.Russelli

    So today I was playing Hitman Blood Money at around 10:30PM and my dog was roaming around in the courtyard. I was also awaiting a friend of mine who was coming to gimme a CD. I heard the doorbell ring and genrally when someone comes, my dog goes berserk (and this happens with almost anyone who...
  14. Vishal Gupta

    [Wanted] "Courage The Cowardly Dog" Series in Hindi

    Hi guys I need a small help from you all. There is a cartoon show on "Cartoon Network" channel which is called "Courage The Cowardly Dog". My little niece wants all the episodes of this show. The most important thing is, all the episodes should be in "Hindi". So can you please suggest a...
  15. F

    Various Components

    i will be upgrading my pc very soon . so wanted to see if i can offload some of my second hand stuff ;) components up for grabs motherboard intel 965 ryck - 2k this mobo can support processors upto c2q Q6600 processor intel pentium D dual core 2.66ghz - 2k (can be massively...
  16. koolbluez

    This BIG DOG is spooky!!!

    One of the most amazing Youtube tech videos I ever saw. Period. BigDog is Boston Dynamics' incredible donkdroid (I'm the first one to use this word! yippie!) which defies belief! If u already watched the video, read on. Else, watch, gather ur senses & the come back. I'm serious! . ...
  17. amitabhishek

    Any animal rescue center in Bangalore SOS

    There is a dog in a very very bad shape near my house in Bangalore. The owner in an insensitive b@$t@rd and an SOB #1. The dog is always tied to a thick chain with hardly any space around. The poor dog has lost lots of weight and looks very strssed. I feel equally guilty for its misery and...
  18. krates

    Post your dog pic here

    :p My cutie pie :p thanks krates
  19. K

    Need a cabinet!

    I need a cabinet and psu for my pc price limit 7-8k. i hav - intel q6600 asus P5N-E SLI xfx 8800 GS alpha dog edition 3 GB ddr2 Ram 2 Sata-2 drives(750+160GB) Sony DVD writer
  20. *GandaBerunda*

    complete the story

    complete the story : a boy showed a biscuit to a dog....the dog came to take the biscuit....the boy slapped the dog and bit it.....a bystander came and gave the boy a rupee...............
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