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Hidden Windows XP Serial Key


A day before, I am trying to pre-configure my Windows installation disc. I noticed that there is a file located in the disc that has the Product key. It contains information about how to automate the installation or upgrade so the setup runs without requiring user input.

Where is it?
Open windows explorer and go to the [discdrive]\I386 folder, browse for "Winnt.sif" file and drag it to notepad...


yes it contains original key
users using pirated xp can see there original cd key which is different what they enter during installation.


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where bro i was not able to find it please help !!
it was a winnt.exe file which opened in dos and when i dragged it on notepad no such see was found i kept looking for almost 15 min


There's no I386 Folder in C: Drive...............

Is the serial number shown there different from the shown by Right Clicking My Computer


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^^^^^ No no.......

vishalgmistry means the discdrive i.e. Win XP CD

Thr is a folder called i386.

Not our C:\ drive
Posted again:
btw right clicking doesn't show the serial key. The no is sumthing else. I dunno what it is. But its not the serial key.
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there is another file also
search for Unattend.txt in your cd
*make sure search hidden files and folder is checked in advanced search options


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hey we can also find this by installing tune up..follow this ..
tune up-additional tool-tune up system information-window.
but ya this is also cool.
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Wow................ found...

Hey, can u tell how can we use this unattended.txt to make the XP cd unattended.......

Please tell me.....
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