1. N

    HURRY! Neo V @ 13.9k! - mod edit: No warranty.

    SONY ERICSSON XPERIA NEO V | SIX MONTHS SELLER WARRANTY | eBay Unlike my last time this thing is still on sale. Try it those who needs it. Delete the thread if it's against the rules.
  2. arpanmukherjee1

    need help with XML and XSD

    hi. i have a xml file with structure <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Start Description="nslfjhl"> <Products Description="sfhsdf"> <ProductList> <Product Mode="02" Key="2" /> <Product Mode="01" Key="11" /> </ProductList> <CustomKeys> <Key Value="4545"/>...
  3. bubusam13

    Nokia Kinetic device demo

    I found it today on Youtube. If its a duplicate thread then delete it. But I like this technology. * *
  4. K

    Deleting unwanted bookmarks

    Hi Guys, How to delete unwanted BOOKMARKS on OPERA BROWSER(Version-11.52)?
  5. webdesigncut

    [SOLVED] Can i just select all files within "C:\WINDOWS\Temp" and delete?

    Hello friends, Me running windows XP i want to know is it safe to delete all files by select all and delete within C:\WINDOWS\Temp as it shows 13gb in my pc?if not then how shld i do?
  6. Siddharth_1

    WINDOWS 7:"You require permission from the computer's administrator"

    In my pc, i installed 64 bit version of windows 7 over windows 7 32 bit in disk partition 'C:'. This created a folder called, 'windows.old'. I want to delete this folder as it is using some GBs of space in my HDD. But, I am unable to delete the folder. It shows an error - "You require...
  7. Sarath

    How to recover deleted text messages in Black Berry (Bold 9780)

    Is there any way to recover the messages that have been immediately deleted from the Blackberry Bold 9780? Here's what happened: ~Opening the text message inbox shows a "conversation" type of layout [like all other smartphones] ~On selecting a persons name in the inbox and hitting delete...
  8. Tech.Masti

    how to hide IP???

    how to hide IP address?? i know there is some ready software available, but is there any good freeware available???? thanx..... Note: i have no idea about legality of this issue, no idea that hiding ip is legal or not, so if it not ok to post here, please mods delete it.... :(
  9. NitrousNavneet

    Rename The File

    Whenever I download or convert any songs They appears with site names like this----- Please Suggest me how can I delete that "prefix" from all files In a moment . MOD EDIT: Legality of the content was questionable.
  10. Sarath

    urgent: PS2 or USB keyboard

    PS2 or USB keyboard Friends I want a temporary kb for my new pc as the one I ordered got delayed. One is 350 and the other is 550. Can you guys tell me whats the differences between the 2. Thanks. Doing this standing in the muddle of the mall. EDIT: Kindly delete this thread
  11. S

    overloaded fonts

    my younger brother installed 10,000 fonts in my Pc,now im having problem with fonts specially when im using Photoshop my pc hang up for 3-4 mintues to load fonts.but i dont want delete windows default fonts,is there any way to extract default fonts from windows xp bootable cd,so that i can...
  12. N

    Any phone around 12K or less

    Hi, I want a phone with a feature to delete multiple msg's. I use it for the business & there is no way to stop annoying msg's, so it should be easy to delete multiple msg's for good. Wish there was a feature like in gmail select then shift+select the end & delete :-P Ajit
  13. paroh

    Which Audio Streaming this site is using

  14. shiwa436

    Need Help with these type of Viruses

    Hi guys, In my my system there are some .exe files, which cannot be deleted. They are not even detected by SUPERAntiSpywarePro antivirus. They are named as jfhlc.exe, jjuffe.exe Help me how to delete them....
  15. hot zubs

    Files not getting deleted on Pen drive!!!

    Hello folks, I have a weird problem in my pen drive, there is a 900 MB folder in it which contains MP3 files, when I try to delete this folder or when I try to format the disk it says “disk is write-protected” and gives 3 options Try again, Skip and cancel. And when I go inside the folder and...
  16. heartripple

    How to delete some data securely....?????????

    hello Guys.... I have some very sensitive data on my pen drive... And I want to delete it securely so no body can get it back...Is there anyway to delete data????/
  17. pepsodent

    How to delete a thread

    How to delete a thread? Do not see delete option in thread tools nor in editing first post?
  18. cyber

    not able to delete

    i recently bought an acer laptop(5745G)...whenever i try to delete something(even pictures) it says tat i dont have administrator rights..there is only one account and i am the administrator...ther r no viruses ..wat s the problem??
  19. swap_too_fast

    Dynamic partition created problem to boot OS

    Hello everyone, yesterday I bought new HDD seagate 1TB 7200, I created partitions with help of windows 7 installation disk and then i install win7 on C drive. I created partitions as follows: C drive: 100 GB () D drive: 300 GB () And then remaining space is aprox. 600GB win7 doesn not...
  20. puneetgarg

    Help in VMware Workstation !!

    Delete this No body answered my problem so u can delete this :grin:
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