1. narangz

    Restore without Restore Discs?

    Hey friends! My question is how can I install Windows on my Compaq laptop without restore discs? I mean I do not want to delete partitions, data. The restore discs will delete them. I want to know can I install from Vista Disc & use my key? If yes from where can I obtain the Vista Installation...
  2. CadCrazy

    How to delete autorun.inf with command prompt

    I used dir/ah to view hidden files on c drive. Autorun.inf files is present there but when i try to delete it using "del autorun.inf " command , i get error file not found. plz help
  3. M

    how to delte virus .exe file in system32 folder of c:\windows

    my friend has got a virus named csrss.exe it creates a music folder in d drive and in it creates music.exe when i traced d origin of it i found a csrss.exe file in his msdata folder inside temp folder when i tried 2 delete the file and other contents d file disappeared n den reappeared d hide...
  4. Batistabomb

    How to delete a thread here ?

    Guys my thread in chit chat under the name "strange and rear problem please help ?" must be deleted it was locked up on my request,but i want to delete that thread so what is the exact procedure
  5. pritish_kul2


    Hey guys, i got a virus which nod32 detects after every start u even though i delete it....the name is autorun.ini
  6. Vivek788

    System Crashing

    I had bought a new system recently.Using windows in it hsa never been smooth.had lots of had removed windows permanently.Now reinstalled it last week. Now system is crashing out of the blue,all buttons and menus just dont respond.Some times it crashes while playing certain...
  7. Vishal Gupta

    SOLUTION:, and Firefox has been Blocked in System

    Many members are facing a common problem, where, and Firefox are blocked in their systems and they get following error with a scary laugh: So here I'm posting a detailed procedure to solve this problem. Credits go to the virus creator for telling us the solution and also...
  8. RCuber

    Post your cam pics? .. Thread Missing

    I cant find "Post your cam Pics" thread . was that deleted? EDIT: oops got it . * . mods pls delete my thread
  9. evewin89

    Not able to delete setup & some files...

    i m Not able to delete some files under C:\windows\system32\Macromed flash.these files are (Flash9d.ocx,FlashUtil9d,genuinst,KB923789,UninstFl)... please help.....
  10. S

    How to delete symantec Anti Virus

    i got these symantec installed , it checks viruses in backround , one thing it slows down whole of my prorams and then wanted to uninstall , but that uninstall thing is not there so did deliting the whole installed symantec it went ok but some remained and couldnt be deleted ..///// it shows...
  11. coolsunny

    creating a .reg file

    hi guys, i want to create a .reg file thru which i want to delete a value from registry which many times comes due to virus.its path [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer] I want to delete "NoFolderOptions" on the right panel Solve it.....
  12. T

    Manually delete selected restore points

    Is it possible to delete selected system restore points that you want to delete in windows XP?
  13. karnivore

    Query:How to delete all passwords stored on my system

    I will be taking my notebook to a service centre for some overhauling. Probably they will re-install my os. However, i want to delete all passwords for my e-mails, forums and other web-sites, all of which are stored on my system. Can anybody tell me how to do that. PS: Using XP Pro, SP 2.
  14. ajaybc

    How can I delete a posting I have made in this forum?

    How can I delete a posting I have made in this forum? I sound silly but I really mean it.HELP
  15. R

    How to delete my account here at thinkdigit

    i want to delete my account or username here at thinkdigit i.e i want to delete my username "ramu" as i have registered another username here... how to delete my username
  16. demoninside9

    how to??????????????????

    I m unable to mount my windows partition in linux(ubantu). wen i create directory it says there is no such directory. like.......... root@piyush: mkdir media/windows cant create:there is no such directory. how can I mount my partition. pls help me? and there r also two swap partition...
  17. goobimama

    Cannot delete Windows folder

    Okay. I'm not that dumb as to attempt to delete a Windows folder into which I'm logged into. I had a system crash, and then installed Vista on a different partition. Now it won't let me delete the Windows folder of the earlier installation (as well as Program Files, and Program data) I've...
  18. utsav

    delete url's from nokia N72

    my friend wants to delete the urls which he visits from his N72 .how can he delete it.
  19. K

    what are these files in msconfig

    hi friends. [1]what are the processes encircled within the red line? [2]what are their uses ? [3]are they important ? [4]can i delete them ? please let me know. thanx.
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