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    Hello, I collect Sony Walkman mp3 Video Players as a hobby and literally own just about every Sony Model and Series in Multiples. I own several NWZ-S755, NWZ-A845, NWZ-A846, NWZ-S745 (my favorite), NWZ-X1050/NWZ-X1051, NWZ-X1060/NWZ-X1061 plus MANY more Models and Series.
    Anyways, my question to you is, how much are you looking for? I believe you have 2 NWZ-S755 Models? Are they Brand New In Sealed Package? Please let me know how much money your looking to get for them and hopefully we can do business together! You may email me at just please put in the heading:
    "Reply/Price Quote For NWZ-S755" or something like that in your own words so I know it`s you. I look forward to your reply and hope to do business with you =)
    Sony Auctions
    I've been spending days looking for an S755, but can't seem to find any sellers in the states. I'd offer you a price, but shipping would probably offset whatever savings I'd incur. Hope it sells for you. :)
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