1. S

    Is there a way to delete my account? Admin please help.

    Hi all, Wanted to know who can I ask to delete my account. Is there an email address or alias to reach the admin? I am not able to remove my old posts and threads created by me and its really important for me that they dont show up on google search. I feel the forum should have a provision to...
  2. R

    [For Sale] BRAND NEW Sennheiser Mx170 ~~ 2 years warranty ~~ 400 rs only

    delete it
  3. R

    [SELL] Sennheiser Mx170 ~~ 2 years warranty ~~ 400 rs only

    delete it
  4. stellar

    Copy software to another drive

    I have 80 gb pata HDD and i want to add another 500gb SATA HDD. What i want to do is make the new 500 gb hdd, the primary by installing new os in there. But i dont want to delete my other softwares in older drive. How can i move all the softwares and files to new drive and make it as it is.
  5. mang

    Can't Delete old Vista Windows installation folder in Windows XP

    I cannot boot a Vista Box so I installed Windows XP in the Same C: drive but under separate folder C:\WINXP\Windows\ the old Vista installation Files are in C:\Windows\. Now boot into XP i cannot delete the C:\Windows\ folder , when try to delete a dialog appears Cannot Delete 'FXSEXT.ecf' how...
  6. T Created my account automatically, how can I DELETE it ? Please Help

    Hey friends, I am experiencing a wired problem. A profile was automatically created on by the Brijj Staff. [ I did not create any profile for myself there ] I am getting regular e-mail updates of the activities in on my e-mail ID. I would like to DELETE this...
  7. C

    Intel i5-2400+DH67CLB3 OR ASROCK H77 PRO4

    Kindly delete this thread... Dear Mods, I'm taking my question to another forum. Kindly delete this thread. Thanks for your time & your hospitality! Nish.
  8. happy17292

    which microSD card is better ?

    : plz delete this Edit: double post. Mods plz delete this
  9. velociraptor

    pen drive read only message

    hello friends i recently purchased a 16gb sandisk pendrive about in 20 days i transferred some data and after that when i tried to delete it or format it this shows error that it is read only please tell me how to trouble shoot this problem this possible or not ?
  10. V

    Online portal with user rights to upload documents

    Hi All, Me and my friends are looking for any online portal to share files with each other. Currently we are using dropbox with the same user id but the problem is there are no. options for defining different rights for different users, such as User 1/2/3 : can only upload User 5: can...
  11. K

    Acer 5920 DVD not recognizing...

    Hell frnd.. I have acer 5920 aspire model... problem with it is DVD isn't recognized most of time... to get it working every time i have to scan for hardware changes in Device Manager..but that too doesnt work after 2-3 times.. i have searched internet for this issue.. Things i have tried ...
  12. T

    Another Site Hacked !!

    Today Rule W4s H3re was hacked. Its a site didicated to Hacintosh. For MOD: If it is against the rule here, please delete this thread.
  13. aaruni

    [Solved] Delete forum on nabble

    Hey guys, I signed up on Nabble - Free forum & other embeddable apps and created a forum. Now i want to delete it. Is there any other way to delete it except the automated delete function of the site?
  14. S

    Want to see jaisalmer

    Solved Please delete the thread.
  15. bajaj151

    Delete data : Can't be recoverable

    My friend is selling his hard disk and he wants to delete everything on it. Which software can delete data, which can't be recoverable ?
  16. rajsujayks

    Dynamic Disk problems

    My friend had a 500GB HDD. He had 100GB in his C: drive, 200GB in his D: drive and 200GB in his E: drive. (all approx.) Wishing to install Linux on his D: drive, he moved the content to E: and tried to delete the partition, so that he can split it into two - 50GB for Linux and remaining 150GB...
  17. ratzee199

    Folders created automatically

    In my system, I am getting few folders which were created automatically. The name of these folders are like 50c55ece2ba7eee143 1859e98869b876203c 32c4c4dab690965403dfd2 etc. I am not able to delete them. Whenever I am trying to delete them, I am getting this message: Permission Denied...
  18. R

    Install any version of Windows 7 thro' any version of it

    No matter which Windows 7 version you have, you can choose any version to be installed thro' it. There is a filed named ei.cfg in the DVD if you delete that file then Win7 installer will give you the choices in the beginning of installation.
  19. ithehappy

    How to remove a file/trojan? Urgent

    Hey guys I've done a silly mistake. An email from some idiot came into my Ymail and it subjected as 'you look so goofy in this picture' and I though someone playing with my photo. I downloaded the attachment came in the email, extracted it and it was an .exe file named as IMG958, and there I did...
  20. arunks

    Please suggest a tablet 3G having sim support in Rs. 15000

    Tablet 3G having sim support in Rs. 15000 Hi guys, I want to buy a tablet if possible a 10" screen size capacitive touchscreen with sim support for phone and 3G features. Please suggest all options available in budget of max Rs.15000. @Admin. Please delete this post. As i logged...
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