1. quicky008

    High latency issues after upgrading DDr2 Ram

    The specs of my system are as follows:core 2 duo e8500,MSI g31 motherboard,2Gb DDr2 800 mhz transcend ram,1GB ddr2 667 mhz transcend ram,250GB HDD,nvidia gt 730,generic pci usb host controller card. Today i swapped out the existing 1gb DDR2 ram and installed a new 2gb ddr2 800 mhz hynix ram.The...
  2. quicky008

    Using ECC memory modules on a standard motherboard

    Recently i found a seller on ebay who was offering Dell branded 4gb ECC server DDR2-667 mhz PC2-5300 modules for quite a reasonable price.I have an older system with an ASrock g41 motherboard that supports ddr2 memory-the manual for this motherboard states in clear terms that it supports DDR2...
  3. justme101

    Buying a new DDR2 RAM..suggestions?

    So i have a considerably old RIG, the specs are in my signature, and it's running on only 2 GB of DDR2 memory. I used to game a lot but not so much now, so i am not in the mood for spending a lot to boost the setup. But at times i feel that adding another 2GB stick will at least do something...
  4. N

    Ddr2 ram

    Hi, My old desktop has DDR2 RAM. One of the sticks (1GB) conked off and I need to replace it. The model number is Kingston - KVR800D2N6/1G. I found this RAM at Snapdeal/Flipkart/eBay/Amazon. But everywhere the picture shows a much wider module. The one in my desktop has one full half-circle on...
  5. J

    [REQUEST]Upgrade suggestions for 6 yr old PC

    Current Config: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @2.66 GHz Heat Sink: Cooler Master Silence Mother Board: P5QL Pro Graphics Card: XFX GeForce 9 Series GF9500 GT 550M 512 MB DDR2 RAM: 2 x Transcend 2G DDR2 800 WiFi Card: Asus PCE-N13 300Mbps PCI-E Cabinet: Mercury ATX 500W Storage: 120...
  6. quicky008

    Compatibility of DDR2 800 Mhz Rams with 945 chipset based motherboards

    I have an older system having a c2d cpu and an ASrock wolfdale 1333-667 motherboard with 1 gb of ram.I'm interested in upgrading the RAM to improve its performance-however the problem is my mobo officially supports only DDR2 533/667 MHz modules which are rather hard to find in the market these...
  7. S

    Need 8GB DDR2 ram (2x4gb)

    Guys, i need 8gb ddr2 ram(2x4gb), which brand best .My mobo Gigabyte EP45-UD3P, also share price & where should i buy in kolkata.
  8. D

    Can i run another brand of RAM alongside Kingston ?

    Hey Guys ! I just need to give a final upgrade to my long ageing PC, for that i need to upgrade my RAM to 4 GB DDR2 800 MHz Dual Channel by buying another 2 GB DDR2 module ... So do i need to buy the same brand of RAM or another brand like Hynix would do ? ... Would there be any problems in...
  9. Pratik Pawar

    New RAM Problems.. Urgent Help required..

    Just today I bought a new 4gb DDR3 RAM module, as I wanted to Upgrade it. previously I had 2 RAMs of 1gb each, DDR2. but when I replaced the RAM, the PC just wont start, when switched on the main power button on the cabinet, a long beep sounds, no signal on lcd, automatically switches itself...
  10. ramakanta

    Upgrade RAM-DDR2 (Problem)

    My Friend's PC has model No. - HCL EZEEBEE MAX 4781 p4 506 Mother board name P4M800PRO-M FSB 1066 AGP8X ATA133 windows Xp SP3 it was previously installed 256MB of RAM DDR1 . Now he upgraded to 1Gb DDR2 RAM ( in DDR2 Slot, DDR1 removed from system ). but problem is system properties...
  11. Nishandh

    ImageEditing. Motherboard suggestion for C2D E8400 please ?

    Hello ! This is my first post here :) I am looking to assemble a Core2Duo E8400 based PC (have this processor in reach). I am looking for socket775 Mobo + RAM combination. (have HDDs, 450W PSU, ATX cabinet, and other peripherals ) Quite confused on what the most value for money board would...
  12. alex00888

    How much is my old Pc worth ?

    I was thinking of selling my 5yr old pc and wanna know how much is it worth ? Zotac Nvidia Geforce 9800GT 1GB, Intel Core 2 duo E7500, Asus PSQPL-AM, Dynet 2GB And Simmtronics 2GB DDR2 Ram, Umax nPower 450W PSU and Western Digital 40GB PATA HDD
  13. D

    New GPU Upgrade

    Hey Guys, I am using a Biostar G41-M7 Motherboard with Intel G41 Express Chipset paired with an Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 @2.93 GHz and 2 GB DDR2 RAM. I am thinking about upgrading my GPU which is currently a ASUS EN9500 GT 1 GB DDR2 (PCI-Express 2.0) to ASUS GT 640 2 GB DDR3 (PCI-Express...
  14. nac

    Increasing RAM memory - DDR2

    For quite sometime my computer is slow. I guess it's due to lot of application I installed. I happened to install OS from scratch few times this year. Every time I install fresh OS, my computer was as fast as when I bought this rig new five years back. My current system: Intel Pentium Dual...
  15. S

    MB required for Core 2 Duo Processor

    Dear All, Please suggest me a MB which is compatible with Core 2 Duo proccy. Which will also support ddr2 ram also. Thanks
  16. S

    need motherboard !!

    im having AMD athlon 64 x2 ddr2 ( dual core 2.2 ghz+ ddr2) S/R no - ADO4200IAA5CU this processer. i want motherboard that supports this processer. budget under 3k-3.2k. plzz suggest some motherboard. which having decent inbuild graphics plzz reply fass ?
  17. somulesnar

    [Query] 1GB or 2GB DDR2 Ram 533Mhz needed urgently

    Hey guyz, i have a desktop that is 6 years old. Config: pentium D, 512 mb ddr2 522mhz RAM, Seagate 160 Gb hard drive, ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 Inbuilt Graphics with ASUS motherboard. The RAM is completely out of order now and its no more available in the market. Searched a lot but cud only find...
  18. HorrayforPeePee

    Corsair value select 4gb DDR3 restarts pc continously :(

    hi guys, recently I upraded my pc with SMPS, VGA and RAM module (giving me problem) my PC specs- CPU- Intel core2duo E7500 2.9GHz MoBo- Gigabyte G41M-combo (rev 2.0) current RAM- Kingston 2GB DDR2 800MHz SMPS(upgraded)- Corsair CX430 the problem started when i tried to install Corsair...
  19. bestpain

    [Want to Buy] motherboard required

    any motherboard which has pci slot and supports pentium 4 and has ddr2 slot.....under 1k
  20. V

    Budget processor motherboard with ddr2 and graphic cars

    hi experts this is my first post I want to buy a motherboard with ddr2( cuz I already have a2gb) and an amd processor and a graphic card (if possible) for under 10000to15000.its main use is to hook up to hdtv and gaming (if it can handle games)
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