High latency issues after upgrading DDr2 Ram


The specs of my system are as follows:core 2 duo e8500,MSI g31 motherboard,2Gb DDr2 800 mhz transcend ram,1GB ddr2 667 mhz transcend ram,250GB HDD,nvidia gt 730,generic pci usb host controller card.

Today i swapped out the existing 1gb DDR2 ram and installed a new 2gb ddr2 800 mhz hynix ram.The system detected the ram and started working,displaying a total of 2+2=4GB ram.However as soon as i attempted to view some youtube videos in firefox,i experienced a great deal of audio popping and crackling which wasn't there earlier.I had experienced some occasional crackling before,but they happened very rarely.These annoying audio pops and crackles also occur while playing mp3s using windows media player.After a bit of googling,i discovered that this issue was quite possibly being caused by something called "high latency" and it was recommended that one should use a tool like latencymon to check whether anything in his pc was causing the latency issues or not.

After running latencymon it detected that the following drivers were causing high latency, namely: ataport.sys,dxgkrnl.sys,usbport.sys,nvlddmkm.sys.This is really baffling-can anyone explain whats causing them to exhibit such a high degree of latency?Is there any way to fix this issue?

I had not experienced any major audio popping or crackling issues when i was using my 2+1 gb transcend modules,it seems to have cropped up right after i installed the new hynix module today.Can this problem possibly be caused by the new ram or is it happening due to something else entirely?Also i observed that earlier cpu-z displayed my system's FSB:dram ratio as 1:1,however after installing the new ram this ratio has increased to 5:6! Can the 5:6 ratio be considered normal or does it indicate that something is wrong with my system?

Please advice what should i do now-its driving me completely nuts!! Is the problem being caused by the newly installed ram module or is it a software related issue?


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