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Need 8GB DDR2 ram (2x4gb)


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i need 8gb ddr2 ram(2x4gb), which brand best .My mobo Gigabyte EP45-UD3P,
also share price & where should i buy in kolkata.


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I don't know where you could buy in Kolkata but for ddr2 I think Kingston or transcand low profile memories are very nice. You can go with 1366 MHz as its natively supported by your board. Also with two sticks you can dual channel them.

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DDR2 @ 1366 ?!!! DDR 2 doesn't come at those frequencies mate. He will be lucky , hell lucky to find 4 GB modules now @ 800/1066 MHz.

Try in Vedant,MD Computers or Lalani and Saboo both in the same building. Try EBay too.
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They (gigabyte) are talking crap. No DDR 2 Ram today as you wont find the hiend ones can over clock to stability at 1333 let alone 1366.Moreover that board has a linked FSB unlike the unlinked Nvidias of that time. Even clocking is a pain.Anybody who was in to over clocking in LGA 775 days will die laughing at this claim now.......

I hope OP is aware of the fact. May be his board supports both DDR2/DDR3 as far as I remember Gigabyte did have s board like that back then in 2008/2009..... Or was it the P41based ones maybe.If you want a stable ram for that board look at 800Mhz to 1066Mhz.
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