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  1. C

    CRT or LCD

    CRT or LCD which is good? friends reply plz.
  2. go_gamez

    Lg Studio Works 700e 17 " Crt Monitor For Sale -

    i have a 17 " LG CRT monitor ..in perfectly..good condition.... used for : 2 years Warranty left : 1 year Reason for sale : looking forward to a LCD monitor expected price : heard the market price is around 4.9-5 k ... dropping the price to 2.6k last and final.. buyers...from mumbai preferred...
  3. K

    great graphics+ok proccy or ok graphics+great processor?

    hi,all! i have query on buying new computer hardware should i get a gigabyte 7900gt and a dual core pentium 3.4ghz + 17inch crt OR should i get a gigabyte 7600gt and a core2duo e6400 + 19inch crt? through which config will i get the most gaming...
  4. S

    CRT Monitor 17"

    I an planning to buy a new monitor (17"). My budget is around 6000. I think in this budget LCD or TFT monitors would not be possible. Can some one suggest me the best CRT Monitor 17" available and the currnet price for the same.
  5. K

    Best buy TFT?

    HI, Currently, I require a TFT monitor., My budget is not more than 11000. (I am bored of using a CRT). Is there any disadvantage using a TFT(when compared to CRT?) Please suggest. Thanks & Regards.
  6. abhijit_reddevil

    Trouble with my CRT monitor, help!

    Hi, My 14" CRT monitor (Vintron), which was part of my original machine bought in 1999, is facing a peculiar problem. Actually for the last few days, the screen is not shown in original colour. It is giving greenish, blueish an yellowish tinge. :confused: Also it starts flickering when these...
  7. liquidsnake

    my 6600 killed fedora core

    i just got my hands on xfx geforce 6600gt i have intel 915mobo, samsung 160 hdd, a dvd rw from pioneer, a samsung crt with two installation of xp & a fedora core3 when i installed 6600 fedora doesn't start please help
  8. Desmond

    Colourblind Monitor

    Hello All, I have a problem with my Vintron 15' monitor. I was playing a Game on my PC, when, suddenly the Screen got a Bluish tint. After some inspections, I saw that Red colour was not being shown at all. Hence, no Red and the colours with the combination of red look stupid. I suspect...
  9. P

    17" CRT

    I work as a 3d modeller in 3ds max. I'm looking for a 17" CRT monitor. Which is good one..?? 1.Samsung 793s 2.Samsung 793DF/MB 3.ViewSonic E70 4.ViewSonic E72f+SB Any other model...?? How's LG Flatron....??
  10. santu_29


    CRT or LCD Is it the crt for it has better colors and resolution or is it the lcd for it is the new trend in town?
  11. C

    Why not TFT????

    I m gonna get my pc excluding monitor this friday or saturday. AMD 3200+ Asus A8N-e 512*2 Trancand Ram 160gb hitachi sata 2 xfx gefroce 6600gt 256mb altec lansing vs3151r Now i wanna decide which monitor to go for? CRT or TFT? I will be using my system for gaming and movies. I...
  12. H

    ASKING why LCD r not suitable for Gaming

    I have seen many compititions/shows that Gamers r using LCD monitors but here I have found that CRT monitors r better compared to LCD for gaming . why :cry: :arrow:
  13. jamyang312

    crt vs lcd for eyes?

    ccaaann uuuuu plz tel mme if crt or lcd is better for eyes, thannks
  14. K

    Which is the best True Flat 17" CRT???????

    my friend who's on a tight budget wants an Aperture Grille 17" CRT with low price and high performance.....could you guys please help??? please list the options and their prices...if that's not asking too much!! Thank You all in advance! :wink:
  15. TechGuru#1

    15" LCD vs 19" CRT ?

    What does one choose WISER:- 1) 15/17 inch LCD monitor with minimum 8m/s response, or 2) 19 inch CRT monitor for "TRUE" GRAPHICS & GAMING needs???
  16. kunwar

    need a 19" Flat monitor!!!!!

    what about philips 109 e5? can anybody tell me its exact price??????? or any other top value 4 money 19" crt?????
  17. R

    need a 19'' display

    hello people me need a 19 '' display but cant decide whether to go for lcd of crt. i need something compact sp would like to go for the lcd . but after reading a lot about lcds not displaying as good as crt me confused. lcds save power and are compact . well i cant get a 19 crt...
  18. S

    Best 17 inch CRT Monitor,

    Hi ti all, This is confusion regarding 17 inch CRT Monitor.In Digit 'A List' Best is Acer AC715 but you all tell about Samsung 793S or MB.Please tell whichone is better................. Thanks in advance Sukanta
  19. C

    CRT or LCD for games? Why?

    Which is better for playing games, CRT monitors or LCD monitors? Why?
  20. C

    Should I buy Radeon 7000 PCI-VGA card for Rs. 2100??

    Hi, In an online store(www.npithub.com) I found a ATI Radeon 7000 64MB dual CRT PCI-VGA card which is on offer for Rs. 2100. I need this for my old computer which does not have an AGP slot. My old computer's configuration is pII 233MHz, 128MB RAM, 14'' CRT monitor, 6215c vga card. My...
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