1. D

    Is This New Rig Good???

    Hello every one have got this new rig yesterday and belive me i was n idiot as i was going for a Intel platform before but thank god i didnt this AMD is just Awesome Man i m choked till Neck... :o Amd64 3200+ 939 pin Asus A8N-E Mobo 1GB Corsair DDR 400Mhz Ram Philips 19'' CRT Monitor 120GB...
  2. Geforce

    19" CRT Monitor

    Hi All. :arrow: I wanted to buy a 19" CRT True Flat Monitor. What model should i go in for. I am not considering TFT monitors and budget is around 13k. I would like to consider Samsung models as they are good. :idea: Also i would like to know the prices. PS: Black models or...
  3. J

    15" LCD Vs 17" CRT

    Hi all, What do you guys recommend for a system used to do web design, web development, software development and games. I am not too much into gaming, but still i would like to play some of the latest games in all genres. I heard that LCDs are not that suitable for gaming. And...
  4. C

    Which CRT?

    hi, Which 17' CRT monitor is good ? shall i go for LG/Samsung ?
  5. S

    Best 17" Flat CRT monitor

    Which is the best 17" CRT Flat monitor. May have recommended the LG Flatron which is for about 8100. Would there be any better and at what price?
  6. K

    Which make of 19" Flat CRT To Buy ?

    Hi everybody, I decided to buy the 19" CRT monitor a month ago and was waiting for the Samsung SyncMaster 997MB (19") (Black/Silver Body Color). But this model is not reaching the Chennai (But it seems its available at other places) and I am waiting for amost 1 1/2 months. Can anybody...
  7. V

    Tell me the exact price for this configuration

    P4 2.8 with HT intel D915G original motherboard 512 MB DDR or DDR2 @ 400 mhz 160 GB samsung HDD @ 7200 rpm 17'' samsung syncmaster crt
  8. K

    Which is better for Gaming & 3D Design, LCD or CRT ??

    Hi everybody, I want to know which is better for Gaming & 3D Design, LCD Monitor or CRT Monitor ?? I do lot of gamings & also 3D designings.
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