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  1. Ethan_Hunt

    17" CRT Monitor?

    Finally decided on my Rig but now the bad luck part,Can't find my desired monitor which is Viewsonic E72f+ model.:mad: Now all I need is opinions from existing Viewsonic & Samsung "CRT" monitor holders as to which latest model would be a good choice.As a high priority it needs to be a flat...
  2. sam9s

    A look in to Philips 29" HD-CRT

    Earlier posted in Hardware sec but I think this is the section it rightly belongs.... I have taken my first step towards setting up a mini HT setup. I was on a hunt for one for the past month or so. I thought to share it with you all. The first step for me of course was to get the screen the...
  3. PhoenixAG

    FS: Samsung 21" CRT 1100DF

    Hi, I want to sell my 21" CRT. It's a Dynaflat model so its one of the last of the truest flat models of CRTs from Samsung. It has absolutely no problems and works well. I upgraded to a 24inch TFT from Dell, that's why I am selling it. It's about 1 year 4 months old, so still about 1yr 8...
  4. Z

    suggest 29inch crt tv with progressive scan

    hi ppl pls suggest good 29'' crt tv with progressive scan in budget of 20k - 25k.thanks pls reply urgently as i have just 2 days in my hand.
  5. Z

    suggest 29'' crt tv for ps2

    hi ppl i think real culprit is my 15 yr old tv so my dad has agreed to buy 29' crt of 15k -20k range. does it have av output as i have heard they have s cable . pls reply soon as i am going today kohinoor . thanks.
  6. sam9s

    My first step towards my mini Home Theater.....My TV.

    I have taken my first step towards setting up a mini HT setup. I was on a hunt for one for the past month or so. I thought to share it with you all. The first step for me of course was to get the screen the TV as you may put it, and the first impression comes for an LCD. The min screen size I...
  7. R

    CRT Monitor Display Problem

    Hi. I have an LG Flatron E700S 17-inch CRT monitor which I have been using for 3-4 years. The problem is that recently my monitor's display has been strange and at time the screen is reduced to the centre with black strips at the side. It keeps adjusting wide and then narrow. I end up adjusting...
  8. N

    what do u think? selling old monitor..

    what do u think? what shd be the selling price of 5 years old 17" CRT FLATRON LG in 100% working fine condition...
  9. zyberboy

    LCD Monitor is bad for eyes!!

    Brought Samsung SyncMaster 740n thinking that now my eyes can rest a bit ,but to me it is very disappointing . Feeling pain deep inside my eyes i dont know why, first i thought this is not possible i am using lcd.Then i searched the net and got a link...
  10. sagardani

    LCD or CRT???

    i wanna buy new monitor.. i mainly use pc for animation, video editing, gaming & im a movie freak.. i heard LCDs respond slow to moving ghraphics, etc. & esp while using animation softwares like 3ds max, maya.. now if my asking doesn't seem foolish, which ios best?? LCD or CRT?
  11. K

    Why do pc monitors have picture adjustments?

    Why do CRT pc monitors have all those adjustment buttons below the screen which lets you adjust the picture left, right, up, down, expand, contract, etc? Why can't they display picture normally like a regular CRT tv? And if they're so important, why don't CRT TVs (even high end ones) don't have...
  12. morpheusv6

    Crt Vs Lcd

    I am currently owning a 17 inch flat CRT and am thinking of upgrading to an LCD. But considering the price factor?(of >20 inch LCDs) and the issues like poor constrast ratio, viewing angle, brightness,etc.(as compared to CRT), should I go for the upgrade to an LCD or just a larger screen CRT...
  13. S

    Black turned green.

    hey everyone, the black color on my monitor has turned green and it looks too bad. Can anyone help me???????? im using samsung samtron CRT.
  14. Q

    Good Looking Monitors

    Which Monitors are good looking in 17" CRT I found one ViewSonic E72f+ any other better than this in looks :)
  15. Q

    HP , Samsung or LG

    Which is better in monitors for CRT (17") ?
  16. I Do Not Have A Username.

    Switch of the LCD moitor manually or let it sleep.

    This may sound kind of silly for some but it is a very important query for me. I just purchased a Samsung 940bW. The dealer there adviced me that I should switch off the LCD manually by pressing the button on the monitor when shuttig down any OS rather that letting the LCD go to sleep. He...
  17. Q

    Which CRT monitor is Best buy (19" or 17")

    Hello I have to purchase a CRT monitor as i m a gamer. Q. Which is better in 17" Monitor and what is the price ? Q. Which is better in 19" Monitor and what is the price ?(cheepest and normal quality) Q. Is there any Bio monitor out in market ? Plz help thanks
  18. caleb


    Philips (107E56) 17inch CRT monitor (black casing)...19months old in perfect working condition...expecting Rs.2400/- negotiable...Location, Borivli (W), Mumbai. Reason for sale: buying a 19inch LCD
  19. S

    Compatibility Check

    Hi All, I am planning to pick up this new PC.. Please go thru the config and help me know if I will have compatibility issue. C2D E6600 .... 16,400 ASUS P5W DH DLX .... 14,600 TRANSCEND 1 GB DDR2 - 667 Mhz .... 5,800 XFX 7600 GT - 256 MB .... 12,500 CHIEFTEC BG-01-BBB (Cabinet) ...
  20. esumitkumar

    Best motherboard for AMD Dual Core ?

    Hi I am planning to upgrade my old PC . Please tell 1. Which MB with best inbuilt grafix card(nVidia/ATI) is good for AMD Dual Core processor and its cost 2. My CRT is 6 yrs old and working fine ..how much is general life of CRT? Shud I take a new LCD instead ? Thanks Sumit
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