1. T

    [For Sale] Sony Wega Flat Screen 29" 29inch CRT TV

    For Sale ! Sony CRT TV - Sony Wega 29inch flat screen CRT TV 4 yrs old Expected Price: Rs 6000/- (negotiable) Reason for Sale: Bought new 50" Tv :D Product Condition: Perfect working condition, cosmetic condition very good. Purchase Invoice Available: NO Company official...
  2. D

    a simple Lcd/Led to replace old CRT ~ 5k-7K ~

    Hi i need to buy a monitor to replace my crt monitor. Usage : 720P Movies ONLY Screen size : 20' -22' ???? Suggestions required Type : LCD or LED Other req. : would prefer a non reflective, good contrast and acceptable viewing angle type + A nice warranty... Brand...
  3. B

    Need help to set up a new LED

    Hi Guys I have been using a CRT monitor with my PC since I bought my PC 8 years ago. It got damaged so I bought a Samsung LED monitor S19C170B. Now I have two questions, its bright colours and weird screen is banging my head. What should be the optimum brightness, contrast and sharpness...
  4. giprabu

    CRT TV Remote Lost :(

    We have an old 21" onida crt tv.. The remote is lost... How to get a new cheap one ?? Model no : CO21FGLU (it was given at the back of the tv). When I googled, I got this below link * The first two results looks almost identical but not sure whether...
  5. Z

    How much is the maximum selling price of this PC?

  6. B

    Connect Old CRT TV to Bluetooth/Wired Headphones, possible ??

    Hello, I have an old CRT TV (Samsung EasyView+ DNle) in my Bedroom and i'm thinking of connecting it to the headphones (Bluetooth or Wired) so that I can watch matches late without disturbing others. The back panel of the TV looks something as attached in the Screenshot. I tried connecting...
  7. V

    What would you make out of CRT tv???

    Its an Onida igo series 21" CRT TV..... if anyone knows kindly tell waht happened to it???:cry: Its showing only this display continuously...... only for once it worked in between this period!
  8. I

    Oldish PC configuration + ancient CRT monitor. Help needed for new graphic card.

    I took a sabbatical from gaming for a year and a half, to focus on other things. As expected, I am needing an upgrade now. But there is a slight dilemma. I have a not-so-new PC configuration(as compared to what I generally see people here having). But I am more than satisfied with that. A...
  9. mohityadavx

    Android Remote App for CRT TV?

    Hi, I have HTC One which has Infrared in it (I guess Infrared is used in remotes). I was looking for an android app which could be used to control old CRT TV via cellphone.
  10. M

    LG Flatron CRT TV Beeps 1 second , no Display

    I Don't know whether this is the correct section for Troubleshooting TV Problems,so, Please let me know if This has to be moved somewhere else. My 6 year old LG Flatron 21 Inch CRT TV has started beeping and there is no Display. the time Difference is around 1or maybe .80 Seconds. Please...
  11. N

    Inverter and CRT TV

    Can I connect Inverter to my CRT TV? If yes should I disconnect V-Guard stablilizer connected to TV while running TV from Inverter. TV is BPL FTR 21 inch. pretty old - 1996 model - still works like a rock
  12. bhushan2k

    Which UPS to buy?

    System config: Core i5 2400 Asus P8H61-M plus 2 FSP Saga II 500w PSU 500gb SATA 2 hdd DVD RW 14" CRT monitor No external gpu as using processor graphics Just want 5 minutes backup to shut down the system..
  13. sayan8

    Overclocking my AMD 7750......

    I have a AMD HD 7750. Thinking of overclocking it. its current clock is 800 mhz..Help me and what is the max stable clock i can give.. My specs Intel i3 3.16ghz Corsair 2+1 gb ram Crt monitor @ 1024x768 (I KNW IT SCKS) 500gb hdd seagate ASUS MOTHERBOARD..
  14. esumitkumar

    Can a CRT TV be made SMART TV ?

    Hi I have Panasonic 21" CRT TV.It has no HDMI port 21RX20C | Panasonic I have saw many gadgets which convert TV to smart TV but all use HDMI port Is there any gadget that can connect to ordinary Component Video(DVD)In x 1, Video/Audio In x 3, Video/Audio Out x1, Headphone Jack x1 Thanks Sumit
  15. H

    GPU for 1024 x 768 resolution ?

    I want to buy a gpu and will run it for 1year maximum...So suggest a good GPU which can play new games like MW3 without any prob with that resolution. Here are my current specs : 17" CRT (1024 x 768 ) amd athlon x3 445 rana 3.1 ghz 2x2gb 1333mhz RAM asus m4n68t-m le v2 mobo 250w psu
  16. J

    Information on home inverter and batteries.

    Recently I had purchased an inverter with two batteries with following details/configurations. 1. Inverter :- Lucas eLITE+ Digital Sine Wave Home UPS (1500 VA) 2. Batteries (2 nos.) :- SF Sonic Power Box PBX1350 (135 AH) I had connected the above set-up to following points as per my...
  17. A

    CRT Monitor Problem

    I have been facing a problem with my CRT monitor of 17 inches for the last five days. The problem is- 1. A bright strip of white light divides the monitor in half horizontally. 2. Only the upper portion of the monitor shows the image. 3. The screen is compressed to the upper half of the...
  18. pulkitpopli2004

    14" CRT Monitor

    Hello Monitor for sale 1. *Model number and details: 14" Samsung CRT Monitor 2. *Date of purchase: 5-6 yr back 3. Reason for sale: I do video editting so need a bigger screen now. otherwise monitor is working good. 4. Warranty details: NA 5. *Expected Price: Rs 1500 (reduced to rs 1000 now) 6...
  19. Scott274

    Samsung LED S19A300N Buy Advise Needed.

    I am thinking of buying this monitor "Samsung LED S19A300N" for Rs.5200/- in Lamington.. * My motherboard is a bit older model of Gigabyte (8I845GVM-RZ)...
  20. K

    Good ips panel LED/LCD monitor ?

    Hello all, once again am back for some suggestions from fellow digitians who helped build my new PC successfully :) Im looking for a new monitor to replace my 17" crt.. I was suggested models like Benq g2222hdi & Samung 2222 -l/m (not sure of the exact model) but after doing some reading...
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