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  1. R

    Error when buying Skype Credit

    Hey guyz need ur expertise. I live in UAE and want to subscribe 14$/Month Skype INDIA calling credit.But it shows an error displayed at the end below. This is my first time. I'm able to choose 4$/Month Package but I need 14$ Package. The Error in Quotes "Unfortunately, you cannot purchase...
  2. a_medico

    Whatsapp - How do you purchase it without a credit card via paypal?

    So I dont have a credit card and Whatsapp is about to expire this month. Is there any way I could upgrade the service without credit card? I have hdfc international debit card though. I havent yet tried paypal. I have heard, it doesnt work for debit cards.
  3. a_medico

    Whats with these fake credit card calls?

    So I have been receiving these calls which claim to be from so and so bank and wants me to pay the credit back, which I never borrowed. I never use credit card. It doesn't take long time to figure that they are fake. So if don't tend to listen to them, they get rude. Then the guy says, I'll call...
  4. S

    Suggest a Good Credit Card Against FD

    Please suggest a good Credit Card against Fixed Deposit. Also suggest these with regard to Bank and Credit Card: A credit card which has the lowest interest rate on EMI/Products purchased online/retail purchases. A Bank which should give highest interest rate on Fixed Deposits. And ya,Credit...
  5. maverick786us

    Buying Skype Credits

    Can someone tell me, how much would it cost if I buy Skype credits to make skype calls in some landline or mobile in middle east? Is it really worth to buy skype credit because a 16 minute call in Muscat costs 296 bucks from Airtel
  6. ssdivisiongermany1933

    From Zero To Talktime Hero: Facebook Tests A New Way To Sign Up Users In India

    Facebook is testing out a new way of picking up mobile users in international markets — a crucial part of its strategy to continue building out its user base as subscriber growth slows in markets like the U.S. In India, Facebook has launched Talktime, which gives users 50 Rupees (about $1) in...
  7. Nanducob


    Hi, ive gone through many threads in this forum about Paypal and also Ico's '[Must Read] Information regarding Indian Debit Cards' thread,very informative thread i must say.So my question is -can i register on paypal using a Axis bank debit card?,because i found it confusing where it says that...
  8. A

    Guild Wars 2 Preorder

    Hey guys, I wanted to know if anyone has pre-ordered/pre-purchased GW2 yet. I have a relative coming in from the US and was wondering if i could get them to buy the Digital Deluxe edition from there ( as i don't have a credit card). Will the game be available from retailers in India anytime...
  9. D

    CS:GO pre-order up on flipkart!

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Game, PC) Just Rs 559/- That's why Valve and flipkart rock! credit to Muraliutd for spotting the deal.
  10. Bond_Killer

    how to use credit card in ebay.in ??

    i need help here. I want to buy few stuffs for my microsoft zune like charger & data cable. Please tell me, is it safe to use credit cards to buy stuffs from sites like ebay. I never used credit card before nor aware of any online transactions. Help me.
  11. papul1993

    [Query] [Solved] TheITdepot.com messed up my order

    Hi guys, I rarely order stuff only. This was the first time I ordered computer components online. Company name: TheITDepot.com Product (be exact): Corsair CX430 V2 PSU Date of purchase: 2012-05-09 Description of problems faced and the incident: So I called those *******s(pardon my...
  12. rajatGod512

    IMDB Authentication

    Hi ! Everyone , I just wanted to ask how can I authorize my IMDB account , so that i can post on IMDB boards . So when I click on Authorize , it shoes two options : 1.Use my credit card 2.Use SMS/Text messages to my cellular/mobile phone As I dont have a credit card I clicked on SMS /...
  13. Sarath

    Some Credit card related queries

    [SOLVED] Some Credit card related queries " Can CC capacity be increased by transferring funds into it before end of billing cycle?" Well I will be talking about two components here and to avoid confusion they are: My Mom's ICICI Credit Card My own HDFC Debit card Pretext: I need...
  14. K

    Survey on Credit Cards

    I am a second year M.Tech student of NIT Calicut. My main project is about analyzing the behavior of Credit Card users and finding the factors which affects the adoption of Credit cards in India. A questionnaire survey is included in it. If you have a credit card, please participate in this...
  15. sygeek

    Is anyone else having problems with HDFC's netsafe?

    I just registered for HDFC's netsafe, for a virtual credit card linked to my debit card. I generated a netsafe card and the first purchase went pretty well. However after generating a new card and trying it again (and again (and again)) for another purchase, paypal gives this error: I tried...
  16. N

    Online Shopping and transactions, Which Credit card??

    Hi, i do a lot of online transactions for buying subscriptions on websites, pay hosting bills etc etc.until now i used to do through my dad's credit card.but now am moving to kolkata as i have been posted from my office there now. i actually don't want to take a credit card. i have searched...
  17. kool

    _______Personalised photo gift for GirlFriend. :-)

    Guys, Want to give a personalised photo gift(Like Mug, Tshirt, poster) to my GF who is in bangalore. And i'm in Noida. Can anybody suggest me cheap photo print service online like snapfish.com. I've heard there are so many offers to these sites. Guys tell me. i've no credit card only Net...
  18. M

    [Help] HDFC Bank Credit Card Query

    Hello Friends Need some help regarding HDFC Bank Credit Card! Already got a Savings account there with decent amount in it Someday back I talked to an Employee in HDFC Bank's Credit Card Department (Bhopal) and said I am SELF EMPLOYED & want a Credit Card for myself He said: If you...
  19. gagan007

    PlayStation Accounts Hacked

    Source I know this news has become kind of old (though announced today itself), but couldn't find a thread for it so...
  20. A


    hi i want to buy a kindle but i have some questions. first how do u buy books on the kindle / second do u require a credit card(can u use a debit card ) ? and what is the apprrox cost ?
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