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  1. 786

    Finding the owner of unknown mobile nos.

    Many of us get missed calls and massages from unknown mobile nos. & then the interest increases about who migth it be. So we usually calls them back & then most of the time it turns out to be friends who are just joking thus losing the credit balance unnecessarily. Can any one help to find out...
  2. S

    word password decrypter?

    well i have forgetten some word files password(2000) but i need to open those files now.. is there any way to do it.. any software...? any other method... really need help by the help no credit card so would be better if freeware or trail version.. if i have to buy may be available...
  3. speedyguy

    Enigma Album...

    well is there any "legal" mp3 download site for enigma albums either free or payments made directly without using credit card or internet banking....(i mean if i can directly pay) cheers
  4. go4saket

    Is online payment through Credit Cards Safe???

    Hello Friends! I just wanted to weather or not payments on the net via Credit Cards safe enough. Actually I dont know the exact procedure, but to what I know, I guess all one has to do is give the Credit Card number, holders name, date of expiry etc (all that is mentioned on the...
  5. T

    E-commerce questions

    hi friends, I have some queries about E-commerce sites.Plz help 1. If i have an E-commerce site and i sell products online how can i be sure that the credit card no. given by the customer is valid and has not expired. 2.How can i be sure that the credit card no. has not been tampered with...
  6. edgetec


    <Snipped> Edited by drgrudge Read the rules, before post. Also credit the site, from where you copy-pasted this.
  7. Thor

    Determine if a credit card number is valid using VB6

    Courtesy : Techrepublic Newsletter. Or See Link at : www.snipurl.com/ccheck
  8. R

    paypal hekp needed

    I have a acoount both in uti bank and icici bank and have both of the debit cards can i sign up for paypal using them? if not what r the other ways of signing up rather than credit card?
  9. tuxfan

    Shopping cart and credit card payment on my site

    I want to have a shopping cart and accept payments by credit card on my site. What do I need? I have a cPanel, Linux hosting and already have some shopping cart script which I can configure and use. But there must be some better option. Please guide me. Paypal is *NOT* preferred. :) Thanks...
  10. rohan

    Internet Shopping Security

    :) Is there anything like sitting in your home, enjoying a cup of coffe and doing that otherwise boring T-shirt shopping. Well the internet comes down to offer something. Everybody knows about net shopping. But everybody's alert on security. Most people revert beause of security reaseons. Well...
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