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  1. I

    Credit card for online shopping (amazon/itunes/ebay)

    Hi everyone, This question might seem silly, but can you recommend me a good credit card to use for online shopping? I've never done online shopping before, and I'm a bit scared about it. I currently have an axis bank debit card, and it seems that not every online shopping...
  2. leo61611616

    Second Generation of Credit Cards

    Citibank is set to begin testing of "Citi 2G," the next generation of credit cards next month. With the size and shape of a standard credit card, Citi 2G cards feature programmable and electronic components, including a battery, an embedded chip, two buttons, and a card-programmable...
  3. dare_devil

    Credit cards

    I just started earning and i opened my salary account in hdfc. They offered of free credit card. As i don't have any kind of experience in that so i want to know more about them and what are the do's and don't. What is a credit period?
  4. R

    how should i get a laptop from USA?

    hi guys My aunt is coming back from USA. So how should i get a laptop from there. is it possible to book online on american sites (Dell, sony,apple) using indian credit card and then take the delivery in the us? thx
  5. anish_sha

    Cheapest Voip to UAE ,Aus

    Can anyone let me know which is the cheapest VOIP available to call UAE and Aus?( both landline and mobile ) with good quality, alos i dont have a credit card , i do have an ICICI internet banking for the payment.... pls help me out.....
  6. mohammed_intekhab

    Help me in paying money

    Hello i want to renew my intekhab.co.cc domain for 5 year .In order to do this i want 10$in my paypal account .i want to add funds in paypal account but there is now way to add funds otherthank credit card .I dont have any credit card.if some buddy add funds in my paypal account...
  7. JohnephSi

    Help me guys

    Hy guys i ve activated my dataone last mnth 16th bt the problm is that ivnt received ds mnths bill....wht 2 do.....or they gvng a one mnth credit....n when does bill generally arrive...dus it come alng with telephone bill Thanks in advance
  8. NucleusKore

    Credit card code to combat fraud

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8046492.stm A credit card with a built-in display is being tested by Visa with the aim of reducing online fraud. The Emue Card generates and displays a unique code each time it is used. Developers say that the new technology would make it...
  9. jxcess3891

    So who really deserves the oscar ?

    Check out the link: http://www.tfmpage.com/copied/ It's not that I'm not proud of an Indian winning an international award but what bothers me as to how it's achieved. Its really a shame to know that someone puts in all his hard work and sweat into piecing together a composition, only to...
  10. C

    Need help selecting a credit card

    Guys so I need a credit card basically for online purchases (mostly).Intrest charged must be low and no other special benefits needed.Actually im just 14 and im getting it registered at moms name and use it lol.Any bank is ok.(And im yet to understand how a credit card ACTUALLY works,most others...
  11. BBThumbHealer

    Query Regarding PayPal

    Hi Everyone , I made an account on Paypal and added a credit card to my account ! The credit card will be verified by Paypal after i enter the first transaction code which i receive thru the statement ! When i click the option of adding the funds in my account , it just shows the option of ...
  12. M

    Credit Card Question?

    Hey friends, if anyone using credit card please tell me what are these: Imprint of the credit card Authorization form to verify the credit card Please help me. any answers:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: help me please
  13. ax3

    Ekta K`s unemployed actors ! ! !

    with all serials of Soap Queen Ekta Kapoor`s shutting down .... i wonder, so many plastic models getting unemployed ..... will they act in Ekta`s Mahabharat as Xtra`s ??? oooh no ...... bt credit 2 HER [EK] 4 making a company & producing such serials @ this age & controlling all .........
  14. naveen_reloaded

    Bailout already a failure! They already want more!

    The credit markets finally got a bailout bill, but the stranglehold hasn't let up -- a troubling sign that lenders and investors believe the package will only be a baby step in the long road to economic recoveryThe credit markets, where companies go to get cash loans, have seized up since the...
  15. Vishal Gupta

    [HELP] 2 Queries Regarding PayPal Account

    Guys I need some help as I'm really confused atm. I have a PayPal account since a long time but its not verified cause I don't have Credit Card. My city comes under blacklisted and no bank provides credit cards. I have a debit card with Visa logo but PayPal doesnt accept it. Now my queries...
  16. pushkar

    Receiving money via Paypal

    I have to receive some amount from abroad in Euros via Paypal. Can anyone tell me how to do that? I have previously sent money via Paypal through credit card, but don't know how to receive it.
  17. NucleusKore

    Important information for prospective Citibank customers

    I sent a DD to a person to make payment towards a service, using my Citibank online account. The amount gets reflected in my next credit card statement. I was surprised to learn from him that the DD had my credit card number. I contacted the bank for a clarification, here is what they had to say...
  18. thewisecrab

    Singh Is King.....Manmohan Wins Trust Vote

    The Verdict is In Ayes (yes) 275 Noes (no) 256 Abstain 10 This is indeed a victory for the Congress and more importantly Manmohan Singh, who has been backing the Nuclear Deal right through its inception. Credit also goes to Amar Singh, whose Samajwadi Party rescued the government when the...
  19. ~It_is_Andrew~

    credit cards: few questions regarding online security, citibank credit card etc

    I would like some inputs from fellow forum members with first hand exp. 1) Which bank's credit card do you prefer and why? 2) Anyone applied 'online' for citibank credit card? My confusion is how they authenticate/veify a complete online application! and if the appliction is completely...
  20. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Which Credit Card for online shopping ??

    The eligibility for HDFC Sliver Card is Age of 21. And salary of 2 Lac + But i am 20 and i don't earn that much. Which credit card should i go for, So That Online Purchases Won't Be a Problem And a card that Works Well With PayPal. Of course there should be no salary requirements. And 18+ Age...
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