1. H

    HIS 280X - RMA'ed cannot be replaced as out of Stock - Should i take Credit Note

    Hi everyone, I bought HIS 280X in Dec 2013. (paid @22k) has given it to RMA for replacement over a month ago. Now they have responded stating that the card cannot be repaired and there is no replacement available. Service Center has given me two options - 1. Take Credit Note (amount...
  2. aaruni

    Digital Ocean much Disappint

    So, last year in around July, I got 100 USD credit for DigitalOcean (via Github Student Developer Pack). I calculated that this will run a 5 USD per month VPS for 20 months (which is quite goddamned cool!). Today, I got a very unexpected email from DigitalOcean saying that they tried charging...
  3. H

    Unable to buy Netflix with a non-US credit Card

    Hi, I am a non-US person living in a Non-US country which makes me a big NO NO for netflix! :/ ... I am looking to get a subscription but it won't accept my credit card, even when I link the credit card to paypal, it won't accept it. Any other way I can buy netflix?? I looked at...
  4. A

    AWS credits

    Can anybody tell me what exactly amazon web service is? I checked their website and found things about cloud computing and others. I am not familiar with cloud computing (Except I know what it is but don't know how to use it as a programmer). I participated in codesprint contest and...
  5. TechnoBOY

    any way to get free play store credit

    any way to get free play store credit
  6. Cyberghost

    SBI card credit limit?

    Hello digitians I got a card from SBI against FD.They said that my credit limit will be 90% of the FD.But after getting my card. I have seen that the credit limit is 74% of the FD. Is it is some mistake do I want to call customer care for this.If u have similar experiences please share...
  7. Y

    Origin problem

    when i try to add my debit card or credit card to my origin account it simply says "your credit card could not be verified" can some one please tell me how to buy a game on origin!
  8. Cyberghost

    SBI Advantage Gold & More Card Help!!

    Hello today I've applied for this credit card.I have a doubt if I don't use this card can i get any bills or credit card statements or rents for non usage. Please help SBI card users. Annual fee of this card is 499 INR
  9. debarshi

    Target Hacked, Credit Cards and Private Data for 40 Million Stolen

    And this, below, is what Target has to say Source: Techcrunch Lifehacker This is real bad news, folks. With Flipkart launching Payzippy, another service storing cards and banking data, this does not look good at all.
  10. Cyberghost

    Entropay and normal credit card charges???

    Hii, I'm planning to take a credit card from SBI. I want to know whether purchasing with a credit card is profitable compared to entropay VCC. As entropay has 4.95% loading fee and 3~3.5% foreign transcation fee from the debit card linked with entropay. What are the charges associated with the...
  11. R

    [Want to Buy] Microsoft Store product

    I want to purchase app from Windows 8 store and MS Office 2013 from Microsoft online Store, than how can I pay Microsoft ? I don't have Credit Card. Some people paid by Prepaid Card, how can I obtain it and how it pay to Microsoft ?
  12. krishnandu.sarkar

    Banks to pay for credit card frauds, RBI says

    Source : Banks to pay for credit card frauds, RBI says - The Times of India
  13. mohityadavx

    Play Store Account Remove only credit card linked

    Hey! I want to make a developer account at the plays store. Since debit cards don't work I intend to use a credit card of a relative. So my question is since the credit card is linked to the account can this card be removed after making the payment? Keeping that in mind the account will have...
  14. webgenius

    KSRTC cancellation amount refund to credit card

    Hi friends, Recently I cancelled the KSRTC tickets that I had purchased online using my credit card. I haven't received the amount back on my credit card yet. I called up KSRTC and they told that they refunded the amount 2 weeks back, and even gave the reference number of the central bank...
  15. Nanducob

    [Urgent]Credit card within 1-2 weeks

    Hi, I need a credit card.I can apply it either for me(jobless) or im my father's name.1 week back ,my father applied for SBI credit card but today they told us that its not possible:cool: I need it within 2 weeks(the earlier,the better) and im willing to pay 10k for it.What are my options...
  16. Cool Buddy

    URGENT: Google deducted Rs. 100 without asking on my first app purchase

    I just purchased an app worth Rs. 129 from Google Play. I received 3 msgs from my credit card, one for Rs. 129 and 2 others for Rs. 50 each. The credit card shows unbilled transactions of Rs. 100 charged by google. This amount was charged totally without authorisation as the amount shown was...
  17. T!M3

    Where can I buy Wii U games in india

    I don't have a credit card. Any other options?
  18. mohityadavx

    Google Developer Account without Credit Card

    So I am trying to make a Google Developer Account here. The problem is I dont have a credit card and debit cards doesnt seem to work. What are my alternatives? Will using someone else's credit card will cause any problem because its asking me to create a Google Wallet account and I dont want...
  19. X

    Google Wallet - Registration trouble :/

    Does Google wallet accept - ICICI platinum credit cards ? (Pre paid credit cards !?) Entropay virtual credit cards ? ANY ...ANY ! debit cards ? I'm from India and have tried to use two different VISA debit cards from Axis bank...they don't seem to work. Is there ANY other methods than...
  20. X

    Android Developer Account - "Invalid Credit card" while signing up

    Using this site :- While trying to setup a android developer account, The error "Invalid credit card kept coming up. I tried to use two different VISA debit cards, but was still unable to get past that error. After quadruple...
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