1. R2K

    Will the LCD screen crack get worse

    My LCD screen of desktop PC got a small crack after it got hit by a falling table fan near it. The crack is small kinda like a dot made with a sketch pen or small marker. Willl the crack get worse and damage the monitor if we continue to use it ?
  2. ayushman9

    IT Job vs Job as SBI PO

    I completed my MBA after be from a reputed govt college & got placed in Infosys as Asscociate consultant .Currently I am getting in hand of about 48k per month . Now in the mean time I had been givinf PSU/PSB exams like IBPS/SBI etc .I have qualified & also managed to crack the interview of IBPS...
  3. sahil1033

    Crack these, please please please !!

    There are 2 files and it requires to complete a survey, me and one of my friend tried a lot and it's not working for us. Just try if you can crack it, it would so kind of you and when you're done please PM me ASAP, thank you.
  4. sahil1033

    Anyone can crack this, please !!

    There are 2 files and it requires to complete a survey, me and one of my friend tried a lot and it's not working for us. Just try if you can crack it, it would so kind of you and when you're done please PM me ASAP, thank you. *
  5. bestpain

    worst problem with screen

    hello frnds....very bad day laptop screen broke accidentally ....nothing is showing just white screen and some internal crack with windows start up sound........what sholud i don now...its acer aspire 5740 15`6 hd led screen?
  6. K

    asking for crack of pc game

    I just want to ask you that can you provide me the crack of prison break the conspiracy for pc. I had downloaded many .torrent files but after downloading the files it opens up with the trozan virus file named as dvm.dll
  7. T

    how to crack a wifi modem

    i have a teracom wifi modem and want to crack it....can anyone tell me how to do it..
  8. A

    crack xperia X10

    I have an Xepria X10 registered to AT&T . So can any one help me out to crack my mobile:?::lol: I ve got bored of that att stuff and using android 1.6 in that phone
  9. N

    need help to crack bios password

    i have a sony lappy and whatever happend i dont know the o.s is completely wiped out and im unable to goto bios setup as it is safe guarded by some password :sad:.can any one help me to crack that pass word please
  10. N

    Merging TWO dvds along vid menus

    hey guys i am facing a challenge by my mama g....He asked me to merge two dvds ...Video Dvds along with their Menus intact as they r in the original one.. He said NO SUCH SOFTWARE is available at net..:cry: I want to crack it with ur help. Finding such software wud be a g8 help..:-P i have 2...
  11. CA50

    Crack microSD password

    :lol:I have got 1gb microSD card. I password protected it and now i forgot the password. Please tell me a way to recover or crack the card so that i can reuse it.;-);-)
  12. sagar_jxd

    PSP buy OR not

    hey hw r u all?? i want some help from you all after my boards i was thinking to buy PSP but now i m confusing should i go with PSP or not.......... is PSP rocking ?????? Wht u will advice me to do should i buy or not is PSP too good for playing games....... and i have heard that we need to...
  13. K

    Wep Key

    can anyone suggest me how we can crack WEP key of any network??.....
  14. amitava82

    Ubisoft found Pirating the Pirates!

  15. A

    Syskey problem

    First of all this is not anything illegal.i am studying computer hardware and my teacher said that it is impossible to crack syskey,but i wanted to prove her wrong.But now i'm in a dilemma.I have downloaded saminside and cain&abel,can anyone tell me how to crack sykey(syskey only,not...
  16. Zangetsu

    how 2 recover zip passwords???

    Guys.. i have a password protected .zip file & need the password for it(coz i dont have) :( which app can recover or crack the password 4 it... pls help...:x
  17. krazzy

    Is God an Alien?

    Please Read This. Reading some of the facts that the writer has stated made my jaw drop hard enough to crack the floor. I thought I should share it with you guys. Read it and reply what you think about it.
  18. Faun

    Any one played Condemned Bloodshot on consoles

    :( Hope they soon release a PC version. Btw how is the game, heard some positive reviews and this time the game is more brutal than ever. I cant wait to smash some heads and crack some bones :D. Melee combat just pawns everything else, and now there are special kills (remember The Punisher ??)...
  19. C

    Genuine Windows XP Crack

    I had to format my computer due to some reason so I lost a crack which is used to make the XP genuine. It was told to me by some guy at the forum only so anyone can plzz tell the website where I can find it.
  20. K

    Help Required

    Hello Friends, I have 2 Queries for you all. 1) Is that possible to Block Yahoo Messenger without blocking the Yahoo Website and if they have blocked yahoo messenger then now can we crack it. and 2) if we have forget the XP password is their any other alternative to loggin without...
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