1. Zangetsu

    Hungarian woman, her husband and children clean Vasai beach

    Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan A Hungarian woman residing in Vasai has taken up the challenge to try to undo the damage being done to Mumbai's coastline and its nearby areas. "My country doesn't have beaches but it has many rivers and lakes which are generally clean. I consider India as my own...
  2. M

    Which Country is best for tourists?

    Which country is best to visit in world to have good tourism?
  3. N

    My first Android game after 8 months of efforts

    Pappu Run is an action packed game with good graphics & sounds. It supports Google Play games achievements & Leader boards. URL Pappu Run – Android Apps on Google Pla IAP is done right in this game. I hate when you buy a game and can't reply it or have to buy IAP to reply it. In this game...
  4. Cyberghost

    FIFA 16 India Price Confirmed; Amazon Is EA's New Exclusive Partner

    FIFA 16 will be exclusive to Amazon India, according to a banner on the retailer's website. The game will be available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, and should hit the country on release date at Rs. 3,999 for the standard edition, and Rs. 4,499 for the deluxe edition of the game on Xbox...
  5. vedula.k95

    Laptop around 35,000+- 1000

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 35,000 +-1000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Gaming,Decent any game in medium around 40-50 fps. 5) Any...
  6. A

    Whats your opinion on narender modi for pm..

    Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is racing for next Pm, country people are also expecting him for next PM of country, what is your opinion for Narendra modi for pm 2014?
  7. A

    Opinion on narender modi for pm

    Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is racing for next Pm, country people are also expecting him for next PM of country, what is your opinion for Narendra modi for pm 2014?
  8. soyab0007

    What Lord Macaulay Said About India In 1835 - Every Indian Should Read This

    Lord Macaulay said the following about India in 1835 in British Parliament. "I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do...
  9. S

    How do i download from uploadedt0

    Since this is blocked in our country anyway to download from it??
  10. V launched

    Source Update : They are selling movies too.
  11. CommanderShawnzer

    Why doesn't nintendo have an official presence in India?

    Why?Do the Japs in Nintendo think that India is a poor country where people can't afford games!? :x
  12. darkv0id

    Why are PC games so cheap on launch in India ?

    It seems so strange to me that even AAA titles mostly launch at the $20 price point in our country, even as people in the US (or any other country) have to pay $60 or more for the PC release (at least until the Steam sales). And barely 3-4 months after launch they get further discounts eg- AC3...
  13. Desmond

    Is there any worth to National pride?

    I was watching this video of George Carlin : If you are low on bandwidth (or too lazy to watch the whole video), he says : We may say that we are "Proud to be an Indian", but exactly are we proud of? IMHO, its just a catch phrase that...
  14. M


    Could an Internet Blackout Happen In Your Country?
  15. sumonpathak

    HWBOT Country CUP 2012

    Well gentlemen...its time to fight for your country coz the Country Cup 2012 has started... lets see what they have in store for us I have something planned...and since this is for INDIA i would urge all of you to cooperate forgetting our differences..lets show the world that we can do...
  16. B

    [Query] 3rd Party Warranty Service for Motherboards

    Hello Can anyone put some light on 3rd party warranty service for ASUS/Gigabyte Motherboards. I want to know as the motherboard does not cover under warranty if purchased from other country, even if the model is not a region specific. The difference in price is too much here in India than...
  17. Charley

    How to Watch My Home From Another Country

    Is is possible to watch my home in India, from another country ?
  18. V

    about masters in australia

    hey guys i completed my last month now am planning to do ms in mechanical in australia. i just want to know about job opportunites in this particular field in the very country. please help me out
  19. A

    Need a phone in 15k..

    I need a phone within the specified budget.. the best that is available within this or for slightly more.. The thing is my brother will be buying it from dubai.. so you can suggest some in the price range for that country if possible.. thanks.
  20. braindead

    Notepad++ regex help

    eg: i would like to replace the following text How to write a regex that selects from Work phone till Home country i tried this (Work*)(Country) ie select everything in between work and Country but that doesnt seem to work.Tried googling without any satisfactory answers. Please help.:cry:
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