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My first Android game after 8 months of efforts


Cyborg Agent
Pappu Run is an action packed game with good graphics & sounds. It supports Google Play games achievements & Leader boards.

URL Pappu Run – Android Apps on Google Pla

IAP is done right in this game. I hate when you buy a game and can't reply it or have to buy IAP to reply it. In this game, you need coins to do anything. In IAP, i have given far more coins at very minimum price.
e.g To remove ads all you need is $0.20. I have personally set this rate for each country to near half value of 1$ in that country. Next, for coins I have 3 packs and even if you buy any one pack, you can replay it longer. Here is what IAP looks like.
for 5000 coins, $0.99
for 10,000 coins $1.5
for 100,000 coins $1.99
I would like you feedback to improve the game.

URLPappu Run – Android Apps on Google Pla


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Waah bhai waah! :clap2:

How about I get someone to review your app and feature it? PM me your email ID if this sounds good to you.
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