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  1. asingh

    Intel E7400 temperature

    Hi.. My E7400 idles at around 58-60C. During game load it hits 90C..Is this all right..?? Am using stock cooling. No overclock. Though when I placed the stock heat sink on the processor, it had some thermal paste from the factory. Which looked quite crappy and inadequate to me, but I still...
  2. Arnab boss

    need help to build up a gaming rig @ 70k

    Hello guys, my friend want to build a gaming rig,his budget is 70k and can extend up to 80k.. So need help and suggestions...' by the way my friend is a hardcore gamer...? I want both intel as well as amd config...! but no need of ups..... A good procce....,A well overclockable...
  3. anil.arya

    help me about system cooling

    i want to purchase a cooling fan for my pc help me decide which cooler i purchase http://cgi.ebay.in/System-Cooler_W0QQitemZ260392002370QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_203?hash=item260392002370&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A1|65%3A1|39%3A1|240%3A1318...
  4. heman12


    HI, i NEED TO BUY gaming pc my basic requrirements r. Motherborad : budget Rs. 7.K Processor :budget Rs.7.00to 10 K Ram:budget : 2K HDD budget:3to5K graphic card :budget 5.00to 8.00k and cabinet and cooling fan? which companies or which model i hav to buy, i need to know, in above said budget...
  5. topgear

    Cooler Master's Monstrous V10 CPU Cooler

    Source : http://www.tomshardware.com/news/ssd-jmicron-jmf602,7057.html
  6. A

    Suggestion Needed For PSU & Cooling

    My System Configuration is Intel Core2 Quad 6600 Intel DG33TL Motherboard Transcend 2x2 GB RAM Western Digital 320 GB HDD Samsung SuperMaster DVD Drive I brought it 8 months ago. Now, it has been getting hung randomly and it is to be reeboted. I suspect that PSU...
  7. P

    PSU & Cooling System Suggestion

    Hello, I have the following config: Palit GF 9400GT Super+1GB DDR2 DG31PR Mo-bo Core 2 E4600 320GB HDD 7200 rpm 1GB x 2 DDR2 Please suggest a cooling system and PSU, which can together cost around Rs. 5k - 6k and be good enough for the above config.
  8. Ronnie11

    Query regarding cabinet,smps

    Hey guys first of all i didn't know in which sticky thread i should be putting this,so i made a new topic(apologies to the mods)..i have a query regarding cabinets & smps & cooling solutions.. my current confi is Xtreme cabinet with 500smps power(a co. called xenitis in west bengal)...
  9. K

    Help regarding cooling system

    Hey there, i have got the following configuration in my pc: Quad core Q6600(O.C 20%) Asus P5QL-EM mobo 4 GB (2X2 )800Mhz Kingston Asus Radeon EAH4850 Windows Vista home premium 64 bit whenever i play games like crysis (on full configuration ie all enthusiast,AAx8,1440x1280..)the...
  10. P

    Suggest a PSU & Cooling System

    You can count in the following: Core 2 E4600 DG31PR Mo-bo HD4850 GFX card 320GB HDD 7200 rpm 1GB x 2 DDR2 I can spend around 5k - 7k for PSU. I am also looking for a good cooling system, I can spend around 3k for that. Please suggest. :grin: Thanks. :)
  11. 4T7

    AMD shows off Phenom II overclocked to 6.3GHz

    After initial disappointment with the original Phenom processors, AMD showed off its upcoming 45nm ‘Deneb’ desktop chip – now confirmed as Phenom II – for reviewers at an event in Texas this week, and overclocked the second-generation quad-core part to what some observers said was 6.3GHz. The...
  12. R

    What Thermal paste should i get.

    i need one to apply on my proccy. and i believe there diff types of them...so which brand and type do you suggest? ill be probably buying it off ITWares or lynx or does any one know a shop that sells them in Cochin? ITwares Artic Arctic Silver 5 (3.5gms)...
  13. salilrane

    Liquid cooling system

    Where in mumbai i can get liquid cooling system for my comp ... how can i install one ????? :confused:
  14. Fahd.Malik

    My first Overclock

    Hi friends My specs are Proc: E7200 Mobo: Abit IP35P Ram: 1GB kingston 800Mhz GPU: 8600GT UDF7 PSU: CM 390W extreme Cooling: Stock intel cooling with local thermal paste. I have OC'ed E7200 to 3GHz This is the screenshot. Plz tell me if voltages are fine? Temps are fine? everythings fine...
  15. S

    Miniature refrigerated chips to cool computers

  16. arcticflare

    Zalman ZM-NC1000 in India??

    I'm getting a Dell XPS 1530 laptop and would like to purchase a Zalman ZM-NC1000 external cooling system, so that the lappie can dissipate the excessive heat while playing Crysis etc.. Can anybody suggest where can I get that Zalman cooling system in India(preferably in Hyd)? Thanks in advance..
  17. K

    New Gaming Rig - Good Budget

    Hi all, I was planning a brand new machine which is pretty capable of everything. So here goes: Processor: Intel Q6600 Motherboard: MSI P7NSLI PLATINUM NVIDIA nForce750iSLI C55 1066 FSB RAM: Trancend 2X2GB at 800MHz - I'll change if they aren't compatible with my board. Pendrive: Corsair 4...
  18. NoasArcAngel

    Please Check Temperature!!!!

    hey guys 1 of am friends gt a new e4500 so this big idiot friend of mine thought to reduce cpu temperature a cooler master cooler which costs a meagre 275 bucks will work FOR MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE COOLING THAN A INTEL STOCK COOLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so hes getting around 40-39c under no load for cpu...
  19. s_arka_r

    Cooling Paste In Kolkata????????

    Can any one of you guys recomend me a shop in kolkata which sells good cooling paste??? Almost all the shops in Chandni Chowk n G.C.Avenue stocks a cheap Intel cooling paste. I wanted Arctic Silver or OCZ.... Thanx in advance for ur help........
  20. R

    Maximum Clock Speeds of E8500 and Q9450?

    Hi guys, Slowly and steadily Assembling my new RIG. But Processor and MoBo still not selected! Would like to know the Maximum Clock Speeds of E8500 and Q9450 when Overclocked on AIR (i.e without ne cooling)? I am an Aviation Buff and i spend a lot of time on Flight Simulator X. This is where...
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