1. M

    Help to chose a cooler from US

    Hey friends, My friend just left for USA. She is in California for a month. I am thinking of buying a CPU cooler from there. Please suggest me a fantastic cooler fan that will keep my CPU kool in exteme gaming conditions. How abt ASUS Star ICE? Please provide link for the product so that I can...
  2. C

    Need Cooling solutions!!!!!!!!!

    I saw many threads on this forum about cooling solutions, so I thought to start a new thread only for cooling solutions & mods please make it sticky. Now comeing to the point, I am going to Mumbai and need to buy some cooling stuff from Lamington road. Anyone please tell me a shop at...
  3. The Incredible

    Product Guide 2005 - CPU

    Hi! I wanna ask that in Digit Dec 2004 issue they provided a section name Product Guide 2005 from pg 109 2 pg 152. In da CPU section ( on pg 110 ). In buying tips area it ior mentioned that "Since proccs run at high speeds continuously, cooling becomes an important issue. get a top class...
  4. K

    Cooling Solutions & Cabinets

    Ok Ppl This is one topic I have to discuss What r the cheap solutions available ? Assume I have a AMD 3200+ and a big cabinet ( place to hang to extra fans ) Those Rs. 100 fans which just have a powersupply.. Do they help ?? Is putting 2 of them intelligence ?? one to suck in air and...
  5. V

    Cooling solutions pls

    Hi guys i am currently downloading linux distros and and other huge files off the internet and my cmp gets really hot my hardisk got so hot that i had to remove the harddisk from the cabinet and place it on topf the cabinet any cooling solutions softwaresAlso do u guys know any...
  6. D

    Restarting Problem

    Hi, I have a p4 1.6G, two 40GB HDD's,1 cd drive and 1 combo drive.the ram is 512 MB DDR. My system shuts down very frequently for no apparent reason,then does not start for a long time.Is it something to do with the cooling or is my SMPS faulty?My current SMPS is 300W,do I need a more...
  7. A


    I have created this post for all heating problems (as the title suggets) Mods, please make this a Sticky. Well, anyways as most of you know that I am going to buy a new PC, just wanted to find out whether a Water-cooling solution is useful. How do you set one up, and what are the rough...
  8. Q

    BenqDW1640 1st to support 8x DVD+RDL Writing & Complete Info

    The new Benq DW1640 The BenQ DW1640 supports 16x DVD±R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW and 8x DVD+R9 DL writing technology, allowing dual layer discs of 8.5Gb to be written. So far this is the worlds first DVD-burner to support the DVD+R9 DL format at 8x. More Info:-...
  9. darklord

    Some Overclocking i tried with my new A64 !!

    Hey guys,i tried some overclocking on my new board+cpu. Hope you guys like it. My Total Setup was as following - Asus A8N-E Motherboard AMD Athlon 64 3000+ [939 Pin,Winchester Core] 256 x 2 Generic Hynix DDR RAM modules based on Hynix D43 chips 40GB Seagate Cuda 300...
  10. C

    water cooling

    Hi everybody.Can somebody tell me about Water cooling the CPU what the system costs and is it available in India.
  11. B


    hi guys, well i have an xfx geforce fx5200(128 mb) well the card gives pretty good perf 4 its price. the nly problem is that the only cooling on the card is a heatsink but no fan . the card gets very hot after some gaming. so can anyne suggest a cooling mechanism that is cheap and effective or...
  12. dOm1naTOr

    Xtra cooling fan don't show rpm

    I bought a new additional cooling fan for my machine. But it had only 12v molex power connector, and cannot be connected to the pin in MB for the fan connector. So I'm only able to know the speed of my stock CPU fan only . How can I know the speed of my new fan?????
  13. Q

    Liquid Cooling Kits - Are they available here

    Are liquid cooling kits available here. If yes which are the best for AMD Athlon 64 + & FX series S939 & nForce4 SLi Chipset. Please give the Name of the Cooling System with Cost[if known]. Waiting for ur replies.
  14. S

    How's That!!

    This topic is to ask questions about the new technology you don't know how it works.So,ask the geeks and they will give their best.Here is my first throw, How does the stack cooling works? This cooling is used in the asus's latest mobo(LGAP5D2).it is noiseless and more effective cooling.So...
  15. A

    Help to buy Amd 64 rig...

    Hi I want to buy a brand new amd configuration with only the following components: AMD 64 cpu Motherboard 1gb ddr 400 ram 1dvd drive Cooling fans What I have in mind: AMD 3200 64 clawhammer(1mb cache),if i can't get that then the newcastle.Anyways,what is the cost of amd 3000 64...
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