Maximum Clock Speeds of E8500 and Q9450?

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Hi guys,

Slowly and steadily Assembling my new RIG. But Processor and MoBo still not selected! Would like to know the Maximum Clock Speeds of E8500 and Q9450 when Overclocked on AIR (i.e without ne cooling)?

I am an Aviation Buff and i spend a lot of time on Flight Simulator X. This is where the Clock Speed and Number of Cores, Cache Memory Doubts Arise. Can Q9450 be Overclocked to > 4GHz ? If not on air, can additional cooling devices help it cross 4Ghz ?

Also, does the Performance of a Rig depend more on the Clock Speed than no. of Cores or L2 Cache?


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u can oc E8500 to 4GHz on air cooling.cant say the same bout Q9450.i think u'll be better off with after market cooling solutions.
if u r a frequent upgrader then its better to get a E8500 and upgrade to Nehalem when its available, else go for Q9450.sud last u a few yrs down the line.


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i don't think flight sim is quad core optimised or maybe i'm wrong.i too bought the game yesterday but its yet to arrive.if it isn't, e8500 should do well but not for upcoming games which are certainly gonna be better with a quad.
Q9450 's can go max 3.8ghz stable acc to the way u can't compare clocks of dual and quad cores.its the performance that matters.
I'd advice q6600 for the price and performance.and u can oc it to 3.6- 3.8 pretty easily.


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if want the ultimate best proccy, for now its e8500. if have an eye on the future then it is q9450...
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