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  1. P

    Need help with cooling!!!!

    i have 2 zotac gtx 560 ti in sli in a cm 690II cabinet and the processor is intel i5 2500... now heres the problem...my windows gadget says that my cpu core temperatures are around 85 c average and my gpu temperature goes till 87 c when under load( i was playing battlefield bc2)...ant the...
  2. V

    Need buying advice for case fans and cpu cooling unit....

    Hi all i have already created a thread for asking suggestion regarding my PC config ( http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/pc-components-configurations/139784-animation-gaming-rig-50k-3.html#post1389031 ).. My config is:- RIGS SPECIFICATIONS AND BRANDS Processor Intel Core i5 2500k MotherBoard...
  3. Raptor1989

    Upgrading my gaming rig...

    Hey guys, I'm looking forward to upgrading my pc again. I'm from Kolkata. I went through a few reviews and price listings and have opted for the below: Intel Core i7-960 GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD5 Corsair Dominator® GT 12GB (3x4GB) DDR3 Nvidia Geforce GTX 580 [suggest manufacturer] Corsair...
  4. F

    cooling system of 23k for my old pc

    i have a 7 yr old pc and it has overheating problems .actually i have 2 pc one for gaming and one for downloading so i installed a cooling system which decreses its temp by 40%
  5. P

    Upgrade advisor software (not win 7 one)

    Hi I have the below PC configuration and want to get real performance boost in my system. So I am thinking of upgrading it from current config below. Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. EP45-UD3R Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz 500.1 GB ST3500418AS Seagate DDR2 (PC2-6400)...
  6. pra85

    overclock E5300

    my Processor is Intel E5300 and i have overclocked it to 3.12 GHz(240x13) with only stock cooler and it runs stable at 55C but it doesn't go above it . my motherboard is gigabyte G31M-ES2L is there headroom for more overclocking with a good cooling fan suggest a good cooling fan i...
  7. d3p

    Buying Advice : New Config with Water Cooling

    Hi Guys, One of my friend is intrested in Buying a PC with Water Cooling. Purpose : Gaming, Rendering & Video Editing Budget : More than 1L[100k], but less than 2L[200k]. Overclocking: Yes of course with a Water Cooling Prefered. Need suggestion is selecting the components & suggestion on...
  8. Liverpool_fan

    Recommendations for a Laptop Cooling Pad

    I have an HP Compaq NX7300 Notebook. The problem is that it gets quite hot, while that isn't abnormal however the keyboard feels way too hot. While is it right to assume that a cooling pad will reduce the temperatures to some limited extent? The following Cooling pads I found: Belkin Laptop...
  9. vineetrok

    Cooling pad prob!

    I have a coolermaster cooling pad, powered by USB ofcourse , recently it stopped working, what happens is that its led is glowing but fan doesent spin consistently.... it stops randomly although LED is glowing.....is it cause less power in usb port? I connected it to my PC's USB port and was...
  10. Mohnishgs

    need help overclocking

    my pc config is as mentioned in my signature, i'm running windows 7 x64 i wont be investing any further in cooling solutions, i want to to know how to go about overclocking both my processor and gfx card to maximum stable values without overheating the system(on stock cooling solution)
  11. A

    GTX 480 discussion

    is gtx 480 a good card? What are usually the operating temperatures for all the games usually upto 1920X1080 with around 4x anti aliasing? is the zotac gtx 480 amp! with zalman cooler and 2 cooling fans good? wat is the price? also tell me some of the good 24 inch LED backlite monitors from...
  12. @

    Cooling Pad for Dell SXPS 16

    Hi all ! I have Dell SXPS 16. As its runs hot & making me keep it uncomfortable on my lap, i decided to buy a cooling pad. -My config, Dell SXPS 1645 with screen size 15.5" -Price Range upto 2500INR -I mostly use it to keep on my lap, rather than on desk. Thanks in advance guys...
  13. vik.1912

    Cooling Solution

    Is there any possibility of getting Liqiud Cooling Parts in Delhi for i7 920 Plz Inform where can i get them? If NOT then Suggest a good air cooler for the same for around 3K!! Thanks !!
  14. pickster

    Cooling Pad for Macbook

    Hey guys! The heat these days is killing me here... so it can't be doing anything good for my laptop. Ergo, I want a cooling pad for it. It's a Macbook Aluminium 13". I guess I could shell out something around 1,000 bucks. Also, where should I get it from in New Delhi? Gaffar? Thanks.
  15. arshadmajeed

    water cooling

    how much does a basic water cooling setup cost 8-)8-) thanks @asigh-im sry,i ws asking abt water cooling my frnd says we can get it at 3000inr starting
  16. A

    Watercooling or air cooling??

    Guys i just got a core i7 920 rig with intel DX58SO board, the temps of my CPU on stock cooling idle at 57-58 and can go as high as 72C when playing games.............chassis is CM690.....i can spend upto Rs 5k on CPU cooling........which will give better results water cooling or air...
  17. L

    Suggestions needed for power supply & cooling solution

    Hello experts, I bought a system a month back but had to compromise on the power supply because of budget constraints. Now I am planning to buy a new power supply for the system in the range of 2K. So need your suggestions… Here are my system specs: AMD Athlon X4 630 / 2x2GB DDR3RAM / ASUS...
  18. joey_182

    Laptop Cooling Pad-Help this out

    After searching for Laptop Cooling pad, which is right now my top most requirement of my laptop, I am stuck with these two affordable results. Check it out.. Giga Ware Cooling Pad and Belking Laptop Cooling pad Stuck with these two.. If any of u have used laptop cooling pads then suggest...
  19. Nithu

    Best CPU Cooler under 2K

    Guys pls help me... My Q8200 reaches 59*c on idle and 74*c on load..... Can you suggest me best CPU cooler with good performance under Rs. 2000/-.... I have one more question, does the CPU cooler comes with cooling fan and thermal paste??...or purchase separately??.... Thnx in advance....
  20. A

    Knock Knock! Suggestion for i7 Rig :p

    Hi, After reading forums, websites for 1 week I am still left with few doubts so posting a thread to clear my doubts altogether. Please check the following configuration of my new i7 pc and suggest better alternatives. (No Phenom) :D Only one request, please don't suggest anything...
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