1. ajayashish

    Cooling Solution... Price Check

    Can some one confirm me if this price for the following componets is fine or not... i am ordering online for the first time and this is through PrimeABGB... i will be getting myself a Abit IX38QuadGT and a Q9450 or Q6600 within 7-8 days ... just wanted to order this so that can install this when...
  2. topgear

    A Beginner's Guide For WaterCooling Your PC

    Introduction The term "liquid cooled" sounds automotive oriented, doesn't it? Indeed, liquid cooling has been an integral part of the common gasoline engine for the better part of 100 years. Which begs to ask, why is it the preferred method of cooling expensive automobile engines? What's so...
  3. Extreme Gamer

    What to buy??

    im buying parts for a new gaming rig.budget of 50-55k.just want to buy case n what goes in it and vista included in starting point is MSI Geforce 9600 OC edition w/ dual slot cooling and e8400 C2D processor+Artic cooling mx-2 n Thermalright U120E
  4. He28

    Extra Cooling For Your CPU!

    Hi all.... Some extra cooling for new Intel CPUs.... ;)
  5. S

    Noisy CPU cooling fan

    Hello! Friends In the night, before shutting down my PC, every thing was fine. But when I started it on next day, its CPU cooling fan is running very fast and making humming noise. Why? And what should I do? Please help me.:confused:
  6. T

    nTune Overclock ~

    Stock Cooling Only. Rig is in my Sig ;) Before people come shout with Dont use nTune it sux thing I would like to clarify that there is no other way I can OC my Processor. Now Thing is all who are familiar with nTune please suggest that how to save the profile. and amount of overclock I...
  7. B

    Config for my PC; Comment please

    Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Processor $1,150 44,850 OCZ SLI-Ready Edition Dual Channel 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (4 x 1024MB) $108 4,212 XFX GeForce 8800 GT Video Card $300 11,700...
  8. B

    My Config for new PC- Please comment

    Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Processor $1,150 44,850 OCZ SLI-Ready Edition Dual Channel 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (4 x 1024MB) $108 4,212 XFX GeForce 8800 GT Video Card $300 11,700...
  9. T


    I want to overclock my CPU and GPU. X2 4400+ on ASUS MX-SE Mobo Galaxy 8600 GT 256 MB I never overclocked before. Friends told me that both of these are very overclockable. So how to do it? any software? Plz help. Detailed post will be highly welcome as I am a Total new comer in...
  10. azzu

    HP Launches Blackbird 002 Gaming Desktop

    HP has launched a new monster of a desktop, which it is simply calling the Blackbird 002. This powerful new desktop comes encased in a cast aluminum chassis, boasts of some customized cooling and thermal solutions such as separate thermal chambers for processors, GPU and PSU. The system also...
  11. R

    good cooling case???

    can u suggest a good cooling case within RS.2000.
  12. R

    8800 GTX Temperature !

    hey guys thanks to all o u and ur awesome advice, i bought my pc in april this year wiht an XFX 8800 gtx, e6400, OCZ 2 gig ram, samsung 205 bw 20", WD 320 GB, X-fi extreme audio..... and a cooler master 700 W PSU.... and an ASUS P5b n32 SLi premium mobo... evertyhitngs been running fine but...
  13. iMav

    a cooling tie

    We're so helpful, trying to keep you cool this summer, and Thanko steps in to assist with this USB necktie with a geeky-looking fan nestled inside its Windsor knot that keeps the air moving. If you don't mind being chained to your desk, this might help evaporate a modicum of sweat in even the...
  14. bajaj151

    Intel or ??

    Is it worth buying new CPU fan other than Intel one for better cooling ?If Yes,then which brand and how much it cost ?
  15. bajaj151

    Cooling Fan !!!

    As I am buying new cpu fan....for dis I want to know wthether Asus StarIce Cooling fan is gud or shuld i go for another.... plz do tell me d approx price of dis Asus u suggests me.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 915GAV 3.0...
  16. I

    water cooling system

    i want water cooling for my cpu and gpu what are the options available here in delhi, i want the cheapest possible one so it does not have to be from a branded company.
  17. S

    How do I overclock?

    This is my rig:- AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ Asus M2N PV-VM Transcend DDR2 RAM 1GB 667MHz Onboard graphics, sound This mobo has Phoenix BIOS How do I overclock my CPU and RAM and upto what extent can I overclock these components? And should I increase their voltages? Should I have any additional...
  18. J

    Gigabyte Liquid Cooling & Cabinet

    Hi Guys, I am interested in buying a liquid cooling system or a cabinet which has embedded liquid system i found these two products of gigabyte interesting has anybody had any experiences with these ??? If you know any other Liquid cooling systems available in bangalore please tell me. I am...
  19. R

    Best cooling solution for hot delhi in may/june

    Cant get better than this one wait a min...................... people go over the board cooling their cpu, one of them is here. *
  20. kirangp

    Place in Bangalore where cooling solution & fancy looking cabinet for PC r available

    Hi, I wud like to know a place in Bangalore where cooling solution & fancy lookin cabinets for PC are available...I have tried askin at a few places in SP Road but to no avail...They just dont know about coolin & the cabinets just suck...I am plannin to change my cabinet .....Thanx in advance
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