1. R

    Should Dravid remain as captain?

    After series of blunders, do you think Dravid should continue as the captain of our cricket team?
  2. S

    help!! ram problem

    while the post messages are displayed when i turn on my pc, i get some messages i don't have any idea of.its like this : ddr 333 -> operating in single channel memory mode maximum memory perfomance is acheived with matched dimms. installed amount of memory in channel a is not equal to...
  3. techtronic

    University bans Wikipedia-citing papers

    Citing Wikipedia in your school projects and papers is now a big no no at Middlebury College in Middlebury Vermont. The History department in the small liberal arts college has banned citing the popular online encyclopedia. Students who continue citing could face reduce grades or even failure...
  4. sam9s

    HDR issue in FARCRY.

    Hi All, I am playing FARCRY(after my poll :D)I have applied the patch 1.33 along with a pre beta patch as well. However after installing the patch when I enable HDR rendering everything goes haywire. My gun vanishes and its sea everywhere. It does not make a difference even if I change the...
  5. Jagannatha.BR

    Dvd +rw Problem

    I bought new moserbaer dvd + rw and started a multisession disk on that using my Lg dvd writer. In the middle of writing there was a power failure. when power came I tried to continue the writing but the nero burning rom v6.6 dosenot alow me to continue the writing or even erase the dvd +rw. It...
  6. gofeddy

    download managers

    guys, i wanted to know which is the best download manager in terms of downloading speed. right now i use dap. shall i continue with it or is there anything better than this?
  7. G

    Windows Problem ?

    I have a dual boot , having vista and XP. Yesterday, due to power failure , xp got corrupted. I am looking for a way to reinstall xp, while saving vista. I think i need to take the backup of MBR, but i don't know much. Can anybody help ? So that i can reinstall xp and continue using...
  8. Y

    How its possible with Nero to continue wriitng to second

    I have a game thats 1200mb.I want to write it in two cds by which after installing one cd the setuo must ask for the next cd.How its possible with Nero to continue wriitng to second cd if the file exceed 700mb even its data ,audio or video?
  9. A

    Modem is not working all of a sudden

    During startup, A message says, "PXE-E05: The LAN adapter's configuration is corrupted or has not been initialized. The Boot Agent cannot continue." I think the problem started after installing the zone alarm firewall. How to solve this problem?
  10. ashfame

    boot problems

    Everytime i power on my pc, this message comes on. "Select proper boot device" When i press ctrl+alt+del, it reboots & continue as normal. Is it something in the bios setting or my hdd is the cause.
  11. P

    os problem

    i have an 80 gb hdd of hitachi and intel motherboard having 256 MB ram and 1.82 GHz processor(pentium 4) my problem is in bios setup whenever i start the pc it gives an option press F1 to continue this type of problem came about a month plz give me the solution
  12. H

    wolfenstien(RTCW)shall i continue or not ?

    well I am playing the FPS game return to castle wolfenstien .I killed the big black monster , but the game havent ended . why it havent eended and what these new missions r ? it is good for play after this level ? should i continue ?
  13. A

    BIOS help

    Dear friends, I am using AMI bios which came with ASUS K8V motherboard. It has 160GB SATA drive. I have a 40GB IDE disc from my old computer. Whenever I connect that IDE disc to my new pc, I get a message while booting "New IDE Master Detected.... Press F1 to continue." I am getting this error...
  14. saurabh.sauron


    in my gmail account, i get about 200 spam every week and i get headaches to clear up the mess. in my friends account, there is no spam. any suggestions or will this continue to give me headaches? do i use a spam filter or an antispam?
  15. C

    CAnt..continue Seed ...after formattin...

    hi..all.. i was torrent....which is hard disk i back up all data to new 1...HDD... now i cant continue the seed......i uploaded 83.9% percent...b4 crashin.. now it sayzz Health is 29% but other r struck @ 83.9 % n it sayin...1.5GB rubbish data...
  16. S

    Win2k svchost problem

    Hello friends I m using win 2000 witha a BSNL broadband connection. Whenever i connects to internet a command window(windowed) popups suddenly.the titlebar shows it is "svchost". I fear that svchost is a system application a nd it may be required for the conection. I just minimize the...
  17. B

    IDA problm

    hey guys, i was downloading some games demos from through "internet download accelerator" but after downloading 25% it gives an error stating that " URL has changed in .html Would u like to continue your download" but again when i try to download it downloads lots of fils...
  18. S


    a fatel exception OE occured at 028:c027701 in VXD VREDIR(03)+00002001 this was called from 028:c0078164 in VXD VREDIR(01)+00007334. it may be possible to continue normally . *press any key to attempt to continue * press CTRL+ALT+DEL
  19. R

    install knoppix to hd

    you can install knoppix 3.6 to hd just by running a script 'knx2hd' remember script never runs on its own and asks u to continue if you know what are you doing. i did and it is my default os now.
  20. S

    hibernation prob......

    i've windows2000 pro installed on my pc and whenever i try to hibernate my pc, it hibernates as usual but when i again startup, it gives two options 1: delete retoration data and continue. 2: system restart. im frustrate of this prob. so plz help me out of...
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