1. Sathish

    Google stopped Wave development

    here is the news found in Google blog; We have always pursued innovative projects because we want to drive breakthroughs in computer science that dramatically improve our users’ lives. Last year at Google I/O, when we launched our developer preview of Google Wave, a web app for real time...
  2. FilledVoid

    [Solved] Arch Linux and my Xorg Woes.

    Hi all, After sometime I decided to get Arch back on my system. So I downloaded the 64 bit version and then followed the Beginner guide all the way to the part of where you have to install Xorg. Now first of all before I continue let me add my system information here. AMD Phenom 550 BE...
  3. CA50


    Hi guys i would like to know is discussion on P2P is leagal in this forum. If yes then i will continue with this thread else i will close it. Please comment
  4. abhijit_reddevil

    Indian gamers can finally get Alienware

    * Base model starting at Rs. 139000!!!:shock::shock::shock: ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- Oops! Sorry! Please continue...
  5. K

    Laptop in Sleep Mode

    Hi I want to know whether my applications will stop working in sleep mode. Ex. I am running winamp & my laptop goes into sleep mode. Will it continue to play..??? Regards Sudhir
  6. V

    Digit Archive updating

    I installed Digit Archive from one of the Digit CDs; it is 2006 version, now when I tried to update it I get this message: "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click CONTINUE, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click QUIT, the...
  7. T

    Steve Ballmer writes layoff email to employees

    From: Steve Ballmer Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 6:07 AM Subject: Realigning Resources and Reducing Costs In response to the realities of a deteriorating economy, we're taking important steps to realign Microsoft's business. I want to tell you about what we're doing and why. Today we...
  8. E

    Couldn't install OfficeXP

    I'm using WinXP+SP2. I couldn't install Microsoft Office XP. On clicking the install button , an error message saying the installation could not continue due to fatal error always appeared. Please help.
  9. raksrules

    How to continue torrent download in another machine ?

    I am currently in the process of downloading data using a torrent. I want to continue download on another machine for that same torrent without losing any of the downloaded data. How can i do this ?
  10. M

    vserver.vxd is missing.

    hey guys,,, i hv an old offce pc which is installd with win 98 at the boot it gives me an error saying "vserver.vxd is missing. Press any key to continue." when i press any button the computer starts normally. wat do i do to rectify it??\ thnks in advnce manan
  11. Ecko

    C Doubts: Case Control

    Hi just few doubts In case control What I wanna ask is basically if there is any increment or decrement (ie Z) , in for statement ,will that be executed if continue occurs??
  12. cooldudie3

    A new way for Windows, XP or upgrade to Vista?

    Hey guys! How do you feel about XP's d-day? Will you continue to use Windows XP, upgrade or buy a new one? Also are you guys looking forward to Windows 7? -------------- I will continue using XP because my computer cannot handle Vista and XP is still usable.
  13. Flashbang

    America's Army help on vista

    Hey I installed America's Army:Special Forces (Overmatch) 2.8.3 on Vista PC after much difficulty but it installed.Phew!Now when i click on the icon,the screen appears,I click on the Play buuton ,select the type and then the screen of loading appears and stays...The doesn't continue after that...
  14. cooldudie3

    Problem in Internet Explorer 7

    Hi everybody I am using Windows XP SP2 and after I upgraded to IE7, i cannot use it because the address bar shakes up and down into a mess when I press it:confused::confused:. It takes a long time to stop this and continue browsing. It is really annoying which is why I returned to IE6, but I...
  15. warfreak

    Is 450W enough ?

    I have the following PC config:- Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2GB Ram 1 DVD RW Drive 2 SATA HDDs NVidia GeForce 8600GT (BIG) My PC depends on a 450W rated power supply unit. Currently it is running fine. But will continue to operate trouble free? If not then can anyone please suggest a better...
  16. M

    n73 dead-doesnt boot

    my n73 music edition has been dead because it occur some problem during updating software and the phone cannot be switching on anymore and no response while switching on. when i continue updating my phone, it failed and the computer do not recognized my device anyone can help me to revive my...
  17. U

    Over voltage bug

    Hi Friends I've a dual operating systems installed in my hard disk Windows Xp and Vista when ever I restart my system from vista I can see a message at bios saying cpu over voltage press f1 to continue, I have AMD athlon3000+ and asus k8vmx mother board, plz help me out
  18. krates

    Well a little to make your computer work more fast

    Well a little trick to make your computer work more fast I take no responsibility if anything happens Download this * extract it Ok then go to control panel add hardware have disk and browse to the extracted files / Win2000 /...
  19. D

    HELP!!! Acrobat8.0 haunting me !!!

    whenevr i right click or ctrl+c or ctrl+delete acrobat 8.0 installation starts..i tried removing the install files..doesnt work..evn if i let it stops coz it cant find the install files(which ive already deleted) do i remove this irritant??? pls help ...
  20. Kalyan

    Need help abt buying PSU

    Hi all.. My pc config is in my sig.. I bought the 8600GT 256MB recently. But I am using it with my 400W stock PSU given with the cabby. So far, the games are running good on high settings. I havent encountered problems. The temperature is nearly between 60-70 for the GPU. I am planning...
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