wolfenstien(RTCW)shall i continue or not ?

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well I am playing the FPS game return to castle wolfenstien .I killed the big black monster , but the game havent ended . why it havent eended and what these new missions r ? it is good for play after this level ? should i continue ?


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hey thats a pretty old game... i played it around 2 yrs bak and finished it.... ofcourse with the help of the cheats ... any ways i think that you are near the end of the game .... around 2 or 3 levels are left ... i suggest that you play the game till the end. but beware the levels are tough .


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if the big black monster u r referring to is Heinriech 1 then the game is over there will b a cutscene after tht. and i too finished the game ofcourse WITHOUT CHEATS


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this one was one of the best games I played .. Maybe you are talking about the super soldier that u killed or that lady who turns to be a big monster at the church level .. if u killed the lady at the church then u havea long way to go and if u killed the super soldier then the game is nearing its end.
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