1. Arnab

    Get Net Broadband- Reviews

    Hello, Anybody have any idea how is get net broadband? My cable operators are providing it so if anyone knows how it works and its connection quality, Please Advice. I am really need of a Good Internet ASAP. Regards AD
  2. mohityadavx

    Connect to Two Wifi Connection Simultaneously

    Hey So I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and I want to connect to two wifi connections simultaneously. The thing is that I want to combine the two connection using Connectify Dispatch, one connection is college wifi and second is hotspot created from mobile (Lumia 520 doesnt support USB...
  3. NiGHtfUrY

    Need 1mbps connection in Delhi.How's MTNL?

    Right now i have airtel broadband which gives me 1mbps up till 10gb post that its 512 kbps. The plan also includes free 100 calls and the total comes around Rs 990. I want an unlimited 1mbps connection with NO fup limit. Max budget is 1000. The only,how should i say this,REPUTED...
  4. N

    Modem + Router Required - Up to 4 Mbps

    Is there any modem which can provide up to 4 Mbps download speed? This is for my BSNL connection.
  5. S

    Friend travelling to Japan : International Roming / Any other option ??

    Hi All, My friend is traveling to Japan. The assignment is for more that one year and it looks like it will take more than 2 months to get a mobile connection there. So the question is, till she gets a new connection there, what are the possible ways for communication to India ? She...
  6. adityak469

    Setting Up A New Wireless Connection in Home [NOOB HERE]

    as the title suggests, i'm setting up a new wireless connection in my house in a week(for the first time, never set up a Wi-Fi ). I need a USB Router for a 3BHK flat, a 3G/4G dongle and a Network Interface Cards for my mobo as it doesn't have inbuilt(Gigabyte G41D3+). My budget is around 4k. Can...
  7. K

    ADSL Wifi Modem Router required for BSNL Broadband

    Guys I have a BSNL broadband connection and my default router is on its verge of death;though used for 6 years! Need a wifi router+modem(basically I am not cool with networking but need whatever best suites for BSNL ADSL connection) Budget 2500 Rupees Broadband Compatibility ADSL 2+ Range...
  8. A

    unable to create new mail in thunderbird & play video on youtube

    dear friends, i can't create a new mail set up in thunderbird, it gives me an error massage"sorry-we are unable to communicate with our sign up server-please check your connection." and my second problem is that i can't play video on youtube, it also gives an error massage. my...
  9. TheHumanBot

    Dell Inspiron N4050 Wi-Fi Network Problem

    Hi, friend of mine got EVO USB Dongle internet and it has Wi-Fi option to connect on laptops. now 2 of his brothers are able to connect to wifi even their cellphone gets connected to wi-fi without any problems. now on his laptop connection shows Limited access plus it doesn't get connected so i...
  10. R

    ISP for ONLINE GAMING in Pune

    Hi there! :D Newb Here! :p This year in April I'm gonna shift in Pune (Kothrud). Currently I reside in Ahmednagar (120km East of Pune). There are no ISP here (except for BSNL) They are the only ADSL provider or Cable. ONLY HARDLINER :eek: I've got a connection, It has 1mbps down and 512kbps up...
  11. K

    Internet connection not working properly

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows 7 ultimate. I have a paid version of K7 Total Security on my system. Sometimes the internet connection works properly. Sometimes it stays for some seconds or minutes and it start working. I think it is the adware or malware problem. Is there any completely free...
  12. quicky008

    Facing very strange issue with bsnl broadband-please help

    i am facing a very strange issue with my dataone connection for the last few days. Even though i can log in successfully,my internet connection still doesn't work ie i cannot access any websites and the networking icon on the task bar shows a yellow exclamation mark(this never happened...
  13. tech0freak0

    Suggest a broadband connection

    I'm thinkin of changing my broadband connection as bsnl broadband is slow snail crap....... I want u guys suggestions for choosing a right Internet Service Provider(ISP) I need high speed plan of min 1-2mbps with unlimited data and monthly budget of 1400-1500 rs This Docomo plans seems...
  14. ssdivisiongermany1933

    At 1.4Mbps, India has the slowest average Internet speed in Asia Pacific: Akamai

    The new State of the Internet report for Q3 2013 has been released by Akamai and it makes for very bad reading if you are an Indian. While the global average connection speeds have risen 29 percent year-over-year to 3.6Mbps in Q3 2013, the average connection speed in India is just 1.4 Mbps. That...
  15. V

    modem router

    i'm taking bsnl landline broadband internet connection for which i need a modem,there is only 1 desktop pc which will be connected via ethernet port (wired connection).i dont need wireless & all.i'll not even use that landline connection for phone calling etc.will use it just for internet...
  16. A

    TCP program connection time out

    Hi, I am new to TCP programmng and am strucked in my very first program. It compiles and runs but gives the error connection time out. /*It is an echo server program that sends message to the given ip but does not receive anything */ /*I am getting connection time out. Why */...
  17. gautam_dey66

    BSNL BB Connection Without PC

    I have a bsnl bb connection, but my laptop is broken, I have a wifi router along with bsnl modem. now my problem is that without laptop I cannot dial n establish a connection. I know there is a way to config modem for auto dial/ connection but I don't know the whole actual process step by...
  18. rohitshakti2

    Need 22-24" monitor cum TV

    Hi friends I need a 22-24" monitor which also works as a TV such that if we insert a pen drive to play movies, there should not be the need to be it connected to the PC. I.e. it should be able to work independently and I should also be able to connect the dish tv connection to it. My primary...
  19. nvrmndryo

    Please Suggest Wireless Router .

    Hi , I am using local broadband connection provided by my cable operator .Lan cable direct goes to my pc's Lan port ,I have to manually create broadband connection with automatic settings and Provided Username and Password. Right Now I use Wifi usb adaptor to connect ps3 and my android mobile...
  20. A

    broadband connection woes

    hello guys I have a very irritating problem which crept up recently i use a bsnl broadband with 2 mbps unlimited plan which is a adsl connection i have connected it to my tp link wifi router for wireless connection the problem i have been facing is that recently when i download something i am...
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