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BSNL BB Connection Without PC


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I have a bsnl bb connection, but my laptop is broken, I have a wifi router along
with bsnl modem. now my problem is that without laptop I cannot dial n
establish a connection. I know there is a way to config modem for auto dial/
connection but I don't know the whole actual process step by step. please guide
me. I wanna use internet on my phone.


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@bavusani,don't you get tired of being told this again & again:read the posts & don't just post for the sake of posting

@gautam_dey66,basic procedure is same but details vary for different modem types.open your modem settings page by opening in browser.then go to connection/internet/wan/similar settings & look for a connection named bridge_0_35(or similar,important thing is values 0 & 35).then edit its properties & select connection type as pppoe.after that enter your bsnl username(without @ part) & password & leave rest of the settings at default.save/apply changes & restart modem.
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