1. Cool Buddy

    Query about ACT Broadband in Chennai

    I live in Chennai and want to take ACT broadband connection. I have 2 questions: Are there any viable alternatives (cable broadband, not ADSL) that are cheaper than ACT? If I take an ACT connection, will I be able to simply connect it to a TP-LINK Router like I could do with Wishnet in Kolkata?
  2. nikhilsharma007nikx

    MTNL TriBand Query.

    I just got a new Telephone connection, I applied for TriB UL 999 Combo. Its supposed to give me 1mbps speed but shows not more than 0.52mbps. At the start of the test tho, the pointer strikes at 1mbps for a sec and then returns to 0.52mbps. I had a local net connection for the same...
  3. P

    Recommend some affordable "emergency backup" 3G cellular connection plans in Kolkata

    I wanted your inputs on an affordable "emergency backup" 3G cellular connection plan in Kolkata for my parents to use their GSM Andriods on (actually these are CDMA chipsets with 4G ability and thus also work on GSM). The assumptions are: 1. Their cable connection at home provides them...
  4. S

    Regarding My leased line connection

    Friends I am very new about the lease line connection, In my office we have 6MBPS contention ration 1:1 internet lease line from Reliance. This connection is running in a single machine, I have tried to download files from Microsoft site, but the download speed showing 1.5 MBPS. But I...
  5. S

    I need help.i am using Meghbala broadband (PMPL) and using router TP-LINK (TL-WR740N)

    Hello guys, I am using Meghbala (PMPL) Broadband and using the router TP-LINK(TL-WR740N). I took my connection about 6 months ago.I myself installed the WiFi with my net connection and it was going well.i could connect all my devices iPad and mobiles without any interruption to the WiFi but...
  6. K

    Is there any way to setup two different network setting on Local Area Connection

    Hi, I have two different LAN Configuration available at my office. Both connections have different IP Address, subnet mask, gateway and primary and DNS Server Settings. ONE of which is having internet access but not have connection to our office Intranet which is used for our office software...
  7. R

    how to set up my router with dial-up connection?

    i have a local internet connection, i am getting a lan cable direct to my house, no modem nothing...and they have setup the connection in my laptop in such a way that m not able to connect it on any other lapy/pc... on that single lapy it shows a dial up kinda connection as it asks(in a poped up...
  8. savithk

    Wireless USB Adapters

    currently i have internet broadband cable connection only in PC but i want to access my net connection for my mobile device ...but i dont want go for wifi router device. please guide me can i go to this Wireless USB Adapters Wireless USB Adapters - Buy Wireless USB Adapters Online at Best...
  9. rakesh_sharma23

    ASUS DSL-AC68U Modem Router Review

    ASUS DSL-AC68U Modem Router Review The DSL-AC68U is the new flagship ADSL/VDSL Modem Router from ASUS, having excellent design and performance of the most successful and fastest wireless ac-router the ASUS RT-AC68U, plus featuring DSL Modem compatible with ADSL2/2+, ADSL, VDSL2...
  10. scavanger007

    Wireless router puchase help

    Hello guys, I have a MTNL broadband connection at home which is wired. I want to setup wireless network for my home and i dont know a thing routers/modems, their types and features. I can setup the connection based on the handbook that comes with routers but i dont know what to look for when...
  11. RCuber

    [Tutorial] How to Migrate from Prepaid Airtel 3G to 4G (LTE)

    Hello Guys, Here is a simple tutorial on how to migrate your Prepaid Airtel 2G/3G connect to Prepaid 4G connection. All existing 3G data plans work in 4G also.In fact there is no prepaid 4G data plans. Item Checklist. Steps. NOTE: The reason I wrote this tutorial is because the...
  12. B

    Use another computer's VPN connected to same network.

    I'll try to be as simple as possible: In my office, we have a 2 mpbs BSNL connection, and we use it over Wifi. Since a lot of people are using it, all of us get very low speeds. There is another BSNL 2 mpbs connection which is a VPN line, which is on the floor below us, and it is connected...
  13. nac

    Broadband gets disconnected

    My connection is getting disconnected every now and then. I don't know what's the problem. I contacted ISP (BSNL) and they came and checked the telephone line and said things are fine and re-wired to make sure that there is no lose contacts. I have been facing this issue for the past 10 days or...
  14. bubusam13

    Is facebook down ?

    Hi I have tried with internet connections from different ISPs but this what I am getting ? I contacted my friends and they are getting the same error else connection time out.
  15. kartikoli

    Sharing a Wifi connection after passing through VPN

    I am using my mobile 3G connection to connect to PC and then I need to start a VPN to get specific country IP. Now If I want to use same country IP connection on my other PC then it connect with India IP This is the procedure I need to follow - Connect mobile 3G to PC (through Wifi or...
  16. stellar

    Can't Access WI Fi

    In my Color X factor Star 3.5 i can see Wi Fi is connected but when i open browser and other apps, it says " Connection Failed unable to connect. Please review your network settings".How can i fiddle the setting to run net from wi fi.
  17. M

    Internet problem? Compatibility issue?

    I have BSNL broadband connection to my home pc. Since last 3 days, I am facing unusual internet problem. On Chrome & FF, union bank and icici direct site not open & other regular site like Techenclave, GMail etc takes reasonable time. This was not witnessed before I changed mobo-new...
  18. Chetan1991

    [Open] How to set up utorrent so that it downloads via only wifi?

    My broadband was down and used my phone's 3G to laptop for net but forgot to stop torrent download and it ate up all data balance and talktime as well. Is there a way to set up the OS or utorrent so that it downloads only when a certain wifi connection is established?
  19. K

    Sharing Internet on all PC's...

    Internet connection sharing on Pc's ? Hello guys i have made a small setup with 7PCs connected on a LAN switch (TP-Link 8 port) i have given static IP's to them 192.168.0.X and so on with a default gateway. Now i have got a new internet connection whose cable is directly connected to one...
  20. swatkats

    ACT Fibernet Bangalore New Broadband plans [2014]; As expected Crappy plans

    They seem be smoking nasty babaji ki booti now a days. What kind of BS is this. Save the world with 512kbps Internet once you hit FUP? and 256kbps which is not even Broadband according to India Govt.
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