1. A

    Please Suggest me a good router

    I am getting a new broadband connection that's why i do need a wifi router.My budget is 2000/- for connection + router connection = 900+500 = 1400.So, i got left only 600 rs. for the router.Please let me suggest a good router. The sales person clearly said to me for buying your own...
  2. Jaskanwar Singh

    steam downloads dont work in hostel!

    hi all, problem is steam client opens. but downloads don't work. they work on a 3g connection. however i can download from origin without any problem. any solutions?
  3. saikiasunny

    TP-Link Router Acting Weird with WiMax

    Hello Digitians I have this BSNL WiMax connection. I have their Home750 Plan. I am using a TP Link Wr740n router for the connection. Connection map is this= CPE>>Router>>PC It was working for a few days ( it was 512kbps fine). But connection went down for some days. When it recovered it...
  4. T

    Sharing the PPPOE Connection through WIFI

    System Specs in the Signature. I have a PPPOE based Internet Connection. It is working fine. I want WiFi in my house so that Laptop and Mobiles can use the same connection. Problem is the Connection doesn't function through my Netgear JNR1010 Router. Is there any alternate way to...
  5. jkultimate

    ACT Fibernet. BANGALORE. New Connection

    Hi guys, planning to stay in Bangalore for next 2 years from Feb 2016 although not sure. Heard about ACT fibernet and their plans seems to be awesome. I want to know the cost of getting a fresh new ACT Fibernet connection in Bangalore with WIFI modem. Now planning for 1999 per month plan as...
  6. ax3

    mobile location !!!

    can anyone track you, if your mobile data (3g) connection is on ???
  7. A

    Good ISP in Indore?

    I have been using Reliance for last 3 years, and the service they are providing is totally garbage. Currently my connection is down from past 3 days and there is no response from any local engineer. Complaining on toll free no. is just a repeated message that your connection will be fixed in 24...
  8. Sarang\m/

    WIreless internet in bangalore

    Hey guys. I recently shifted to Bangalore and I have some queries. Which is the best wireless internet connection in Bangalore which gives reasonable data as well? I need it mainly for online gaming. I can't get a wired connection as I stay in PG. I can spend up to Rs.1500. a month. Thanks
  9. B

    Youtube video settings

    Hi Guys, I updated my Firefox to the latest version 41.0.1. Now when I watch videos on Youtube, the video qualities that I can see are Auto and 360p. There is no option to view the videos in 240p format, which I really need as I have a slow connection. I selected, I have a slow connection...
  10. Akira

    Recommend a Wifi router with good range

    I already have a modem, on an Airtel Broadband connection. My budget is Rs. 2k max. The area of the floor I need the router on is around 2500 sqft. I tried a Tenda FH330 with 4 external antennae, but it's WAN port was faulty, so had to return it. I don't need dual band, or USB. But a stable...
  11. ranjitsd

    Quit bsnl movement

    I'm tired of bsnl and thier lies. They advertised about mininium 2mbps allover over india, they didn't mention 1gb only. Its time to quit bsnl and move on. Changing my internet connection within 2 weeks. Please post your new connection speed test and bsnl speed:-x:-x test. Lets teach BSNL a...
  12. akhilc47

    Suggestion for router with RJ45 input

    Hi, Budget:2k (good suggestion even if slightly more pricey are also ok) I've upgraded my internet connection and the new one has RJ45 connector and I need a decent router(with wifi) to connect that cable. I'd like to a decent level of customization and good range. New connection is...
  13. ratul

    Need help with Weird frequent Disconnections

    I have a PPPoE connection from a local ISP (MAC binded from the ISP) over TP-Link W8968 which was working fine till now, but from a past few days there have been constant disruptions in the internet connectivity. PPPoE connection status shows Link Up, but internet becomes unreachable, shows...
  14. H

    How to setup router for PPPOE net connection?

    Hi, I earlier had Tikona wireless connection,wherein i had a receiver on my terrace and from that receiver i had given input to my router D-link AC750 Dir 803 wifi router. Now i subscribed to new local internet, the guy has given me a cable whose end point is an rj-45 jack. The jack has...
  15. T

    TIKONA Broadband - total waste of Money, time and energy

    This is regarding my recent experience with Tikona Broadband, Chennai,We got 2 connections from Tikona. On the day of installation the connectivity was good and that was the last day it worked as well. Once they were done with the set up, the initial amount based on the plan was collected in...
  16. Ricky

    Server level internet connection choices ?

    Hi, I am wondering what options do we have if we need to host server in-house or our own premises. I know we can do with just any ISP with public static IP but I am looking for something reliable and business grade. I am looking to most cost-effective 10mbps to 100mbps connection. Do...
  17. M

    Firefox shows as Untrusted Connection

    I have just upgraded to Windows 10 (clean install) and installed all my usual stuffs. The problem is that while using Firefox 40.0.2 I am not able to go to sites like google (I get the message that the connection is Untrusted). Even for sites like Yahoo, all I see are hyperlinks and plain texts...
  18. B

    4 broadband connection in one switch

    I have 4 broadband connection and I cannot afford connectivity issues in internet connection, can somebody tell me about any device that can be used which help in connecting to the alternate internet connection when one broadband connection goes down. Thanks Bhumit Choudhary ~snip~
  19. R

    Need to share a drive over a network.

    Hi, I work in a small analytics setup of 10-15 people, and I need to share a drive present on the master computer (a desktop) so that all the people on the network (wifi connection) can use that shared drive using given credentials for retrieving files (large datasets). The drive size is over...
  20. D

    same connection diff speeds.How is it possible?

    Recently got a new cheap local 1mbps connection in which the max download speed would be 120KB/s. But in one of my friends laptop(from which the router was set-up) is getting d/l speed of 800KB/s. His utorrent is not updated.
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