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  1. Ashok Verma

    Video call on Xperia L?

    ​hi frnds, i've bought new SONY Xperia L 2 days back, iwant want to know whether it is possible to make video call using 3g network, i am using BSNL Connection. previously i'm using Nokia 5800 and have made video calls with it. Plz, reply.
  2. G

    about spyware

    Dear friends I am having win7,avg antivirus free edition I was looking resetting software for my cannon printer.while searching i went to some file sharing site and downloaded one zip file of around 132kb.I opened it and inside zip some exe file was there I double clicked to open the file.but...
  3. ghantaukay

    problem with TP Link MR 3020 wifi connection

    I have a TP Link MR 3020 wifi modem to be used with a 3G dongle. I have used it satisfactorily for about 3 -4 months. I use the wifi to connect my ipad2 to the internet. Owing to some problem I had to reset my ipad to factory settings. In the process the wifi password got lost. I wasnt able to...
  4. G

    Landline phone

    I'm going to get a BSNL landline connection + broadband connection. i've opted for 950 Rs unlimited pack and 300 calls are free for that so i didn't want to waste it and wanted to have a landline. What are the basic features necessary so that the phone is compatible with my bsnl connection. My...
  5. shreeux

    Suggest Best Key Board and DVD Writer?

    hi I like to buy best key board with USB connectIon for regular use and gaming also budget is below 2000 rs... AND dvd writer for best life span....for sata connection..... Note: In 2006 i was bought samsung dvd writer (white color) still working this is IDE connection....
  6. A

    want to make my wifi free for public use .

    as i am using NETGEAR 150 wireless router from last few weeks i am using it for my personal devices, but now i want it to be used by all of my society members only. I have mentioned few of my requirements Want to monitor who is using my WiFi connection , Which sites are being surfed by them...
  7. Krow

    Some devices can't connect to WiFi modem router

    I have an MTNL connection and am using the WiFi modem router provided by the ISP. The model number is 450TC1, think the company is Beetel (not sure). Some devices can connect to this without a problem, but others take several attempts. All devices can establish a connection to the modem, but...
  8. V

    Bsnl Prithvi UE100 With TP-Link MR3020 router Review

    Hi, everyone. I had purchased a BSNL EVDO connection about an year ago. The modem i provided was Prithvi UE100 and i am happy with the purchase. I live in Bangalore near Hennur Ring Road. I am currently using the Prepaid 750 Unlimited plan. I also have another desktop and a laptop a phone...
  9. N

    Best Wired Broadband Connection in Pune

    I have recently moved to Pune. Am staying in Koregaon Park region, next to passport office to be precise. I am looking for a good network connection. My priority is high speed, and no downtime. Not looking for an unlimited plan. I would prefer at least 2mbps of net speed, preferably 4mbps. I am...
  10. B

    sugesstions needed for adsl+wi-fi router

    hallo friends, i want to buy a adsl modem+wi-fi router combo for my bsnl broadband connection. i have to connect my pc to it by ethernet cable and also share the connection with my smartphones and tablets. please suggest me a good one under inr 3000. d-link 2750u was shortliste by me but i read...
  11. A

    securing bsnl wi fi connection

    im using a bsnl bbnd connection in wi fi mode.my neighbour who stays on the top floor telle me that he frequently gets my wi fi signals.how do i secure my wi fi connection im using a siemens sl2-141 modem
  12. rider

    [URGENT] WiFi Router for WiMax Connection

    I have taken a wimax connection from BSNL. All I need is to get a router from so that I can use wifi at home. Please recommend me ASAP. How about this? Does this works in my case...
  13. T

    Can I share a wired connection over a data cable?

    Terms like Wi-Fi, router, hotspot, wireless don't fit into the situation as I have a wired internet connection to my desktop which doesn't have a Wi-Fi Adapter. Is there a way to share this wired internet connection with my android phone through a data cable?
  14. D

    I want to secure my Laptop from Internal Threats

    Hello digitians can anyone help me secure my connection in internal network. i'm using internet in my laptop using wi-fi connection. but im not sure that the connection is secure. could you please suggest me a software which can protect me from lan hacking. i see some guys trying to access...
  15. Zangetsu

    [Speech to Text conversion in Android Phones

    Hi All, Want to ask all Android users (Sony,HTC,LG etc) when u type using the digital qwerty keypad..u can see the MIC icon at bottom which is used as search function. i tested that in my HTC One V (ICS 4.0.3) and if internet is available then it converts your speech to text.. e.g: say 'hello'...
  16. SaiyanGoku

    Wierd problem with Friend's BSNL broadband.

    My friend uses BSNL supplied router with the broadband connection. Now, the problem is that the connection is not getting detected on both mine and my friend's laptops having windows 7, although if I boot into linux mint, the connection is dected and works fine. Other android devices are also...
  17. V

    need a solution

    Hi guys i have unlimited bsnl dsl connection with class 2 wifi router which i keep in bridge mode to connect to net .now the problem is if i have to use same connection on my mobile or tablet i have put it the router on PPPoE mode , on which i dont get any...
  18. H2O

    Best 2G/3G connection in Bhubaneswar?

    Which is the best 2G and 3G connection in Bhubaneswar? And what is the average speed in both? I am using BSNL Broadband for primary purpose. I will be using the 2G/3G plan in my mobile just as a back-up or incase I'm outside. It will mostly be for browsing FB/Twitter and chatting in Skype(No...
  19. N

    Connecting to sql database using sql server 2008

    I've created the connection using ODBC driver but still my program goes into catch block and displays the error message the program :-; import java.sql.*; class ConnectingSQL1 { public static void main(String args[]) { try { Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); Connection...
  20. harshilsharma63

    Firefox automatically deleting cache

    hi. As the title says, my Firefox cache is being automatically being deleted. I've disabled the "Clear cache on exit", removed Fifefox from CCleaner and all other system cleanup apps. I have a slow connection so I'm very much dependent on cache. Last time, It grew to 50 MB and then got...
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