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  1. A

    broadband connection woes

    hello guys I have a very irritating problem which crept up recently i use a bsnl broadband with 2 mbps unlimited plan which is a adsl connection i have connected it to my tp link wifi router for wireless connection the problem i have been facing is that recently when i download something i am...
  2. ithehappy

    Why Chrome loads Youtube videos faster than Firefox?

    I am a Mozilla Firefox user, but lately when my broadband connection is slow I found that Chrome loads Youtube videos faster than Firefox. On Firefox it gets stuck, but with Chrome it keeps playing and the quality changes automatically from 480/360p to 144p when connection gets even slower. Why...
  3. cute.bandar

    Questions regarding airtel digitalTV

    I am thinking of taking airtel digitaltTV with HD+ (recorder with pen drive) 1. will HD+ connection work with a SD TV ? TV upgrade will be later. 2. Can I choose SD channels pack with an HD connection ? or do I have to take HD channels ? 3. what is the exact rate for SD channel pack (mega)...
  4. powerhoney

    How to use WiFi router to share hostel internet connection

    Hey, guys... In my hostel, we are provided internet through a LAN connection... They provide us with a cable in our rooms and we use it to connect to the internet by connecting it to our laptops... What the cable looks like: The RJ 45 connector in the cable: Now, I have a...
  5. M

    Huawei 3G dongle not connecting laptop

    I have a laptop Studio 15 with windows vista. I am trying to connect to the internet through a Huawei 3G dongle but I get the error as below: Error 619 "A Connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed." I tried with 3 ports in...
  6. rockfella

    Legendary Query : Voda OR Airtel for ONLY Internet 2G Connection?

    Which one is better? I will only use the SIM for 2G Internet connection! Have a Voda but have to get a new SIM as mini SIM doesn't fit in my new phone and I won't go for an adapter. Will only be using it for whatsapp to be precise. Thanks in advance.
  7. A

    A typical/weird problem with BSNL Broadband. Would make you scratch your head.

    I am facing a very very weird problem with my new BSNL Broadband connection in Jammu. I got this connection few weeks back and it never worked properly since day 1. Today I sat with free time to troubleshoot the problem and found it interesting as well as weird. I actually had configured my...
  8. kool

    [BSNL 2am-8am NU ] how to set auto connect in Windows 8.1 Pro ?

    Hi guys, On windows 7 , I was using BB SCHEDULER to auto connect BSNL pppoe connection at 02.10am and auto disconnect and shutdown at 07:45m. Now i've installed Windows 8.1 Pro yesterday. And this BB scheduler is not working , it dont connect. Even after setting program compatibility mode it...
  9. N

    Which one is best to buy on SONY - 32 R402A BRAVIA TV (or) 32 R422A BRAVIA TV ???

    How about the PQ as well as Audio ? I am in need of Good Picture Quality as well as Audio with Normal Cable Connection as well as DTH ? Please help me to update your usuage comments and reviews Thanks in Advance !! -Nagarajan
  10. N

    Which one is best to buy on SONY - 32 R402A BRAVIA TV (or) 32 R422A BRAVIA TV ???

    How about the PQ as well as Audio ? I am in need of Good Picture Quality as well as Audio with Normal Cable Connection as well as DTH ? Please help me to update your usuage comments and reviews Thanks in Advance !! -Nagarajan
  11. Drizzling Blur

    Need help - Broadband in Bangalore

    I live in Adugodi (Pincode: 560030) and am having trouble locating ISP who can actually provide a decent service in this area. I have a reliance connection but need an other connection, limited plans are good, I just need to locate a service provider. Please help, tired of not having a decent...
  12. Skyh3ck

    Wireless Wifi router/modem for home use with PC, Laptop, Mobile Buying suggestion

    Hi Friends i will be getting a new broadband internet connection from cable operator in my area. he will be setting up the connection in my house after a week, i want to use this internet connection in Desktop PC, Laptop, Mobile phones without any wires so i am thinking to create a wifi zone...
  13. R

    Need a good 3g connection for laptop

    Hi, I need a good prepaid/postpaid connection (datacard/dongle) to use with my laptop. I live in Gujarat but will be travelling to other states (potentially). However, I will be in Gujarat most of the time (about 70-80%) What I want is, good connectivity across major towns and atleast 1.5...
  14. P

    How to use ADSL2 +Modem wifi for connecting to rj45 connection

    I am currently using a MTNL connection which came along with adsl2 router The of router is Binatone model no. dm 856w In one of the forum post itself : http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/networking/174925-any-router-can-work-rj11-well-rj45-input.html It mentions that even a adsl2 router...
  15. ithehappy

    Getting a DTH connection tomorrow, confused between AirTel and Videocon!

    I live in Calcutta and I'm getting a DTH connection tomorrow. I have seen all the plans and packages of all DTH providers and I see that Videocon D2H is the ideal fit for me, because of their max number of HD channels and very reasonable rate of Premium pack of just Rs.481. While I've cancelled...
  16. W

    Need reliable Internet connection Unlimited Mbps with huge FUP or no such

    I had some bad experience with Tikona. And currently some troubles with mtnl connection (I have little control and cannot check since it is not under my administration). I would rather get one good one under my name. Experts here! Please recommend me. If you are ISP rep, pls offer me good...
  17. P

    My PC is downloading some random data from VSNL.Should I be Concerned?

    I have a BSNL Broadband Connection.Today,my internet connection seemed pretty slow & checked the Network setting using my security software(Eset Smart Security).Suddenly I noticed that Network connection is being downloading some random data around 16 MB from Ip address known to be associated...
  18. Cool Buddy

    Router with USB for ~2k

    I am using Siti broadband connection. It's a cable connection provided using Cat5 cable. I want to buy a router to share this connection with various machines and over wi-fi. And I also want a router with a USB port which supports USB storage so that I can share my external harddisk with my PC...
  19. sanny16

    increasing speed and dht nodes in utorrent

    Today i have taken new broadband connection which has a static ip address. Before i had MTNL broadband connection whose ip address was obtained automatically i guess. When i was using mtnl connection, that time the download speed in utorrent was good and the dht nodes numbers too without any...
  20. V

    Help needed about WiFi.

    Hi guys.. I need a small help.. Just I will post my question directly.. What is the way of converting a LAN internet connection to WiFi Hotspot..? I mean what is the name of the device that takes LAN connection as Input and gives WiFi hotspot as Output..
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