1. patkim

    query on data card internet connection

    I already have a tata photon 2g data card internet connection. Now there’s a need to go for one more data card connection for another user in the family. While there are options like airtel, MTS apart from photon, is there any technical or networking related or any other advantage in going for...
  2. D

    New broadband connection in trivandrum

    I need a new broadband connection (UL) ... staying in trivandrum... Thanks in advance!!:)
  3. E

    DTH Connection for 32" HD LED

    I recently bought a new 32" Panasonic Full HD LED tv for parents. Now I need to get a new DTH connection for the TV and considering Videocon D2H based on reviews. But I am wondering whether to take SD connection or HD connection/ STB box. The thing is only parents are going to watch TV as I am...
  4. S

    Help to monitor Network Bandwidth

    Hi all, I want to monitor the bandwidth used in the network in my office. I have an unlimited internet connection with FUP of 5 GB. The modem is connected through USB of one computer which shares the internet connection with the other systems (sharing is not through a wireless modem, etc)...
  5. A

    3g connection

    is vodafone 3g usb stick K4505 fast enough to download videos without buffering.
  6. evil_maverick

    "UNEXPECTED ERROR" in Win 8..

    Hey every1 i am facing a queer problem ... when ever i am trying to access network connection properties in windows 8 ...i keep getting an unexpected error!! the same happens to the wifi adapter also...but i can go online using the wifi connection!!! plz help!! thanks
  7. M

    How can we connect a serial DCE cable to a router?

    I had been doing it on cisco packet tracer. I am using a 2811 router and used NM-2E2W as an extra port in the router providing two WIC slots. But at the time of connection of serial DCE link there is no connection path showing.
  8. F

    Sharing Internet Connection

    i have a cable net.. a wire cums in my home which i directly insert 2 the ethernet port of my laptop.. i use a username n password 2 dialup n den i am able to browse.. now i want to share internet connection with my smartphone and tablet which router shuld i buy.. my budget is 2k and my house is...
  9. Prince Sinha

    My Network Places Freezes!!!

    Whenever I try to navigate to My Network Places, it freezes and afer sometimes it pops up and I find there nothing, its empty... I know that Local Area connection is working fine coz my router shows LAN and am running internet on PPPOE mode but it even doesn't show Local Area Connection.. I want...
  10. patkim

    Router issue

    I have Dlink DIR 615 router. It’s been in use for more than 1 year now. Off lately I notice that the Wireless connection (between router and remote devices) suddenly drops for no reason. Thereafter the connection (SSID) itself is no longer available in the list of connections on the remote...
  11. B

    New modem TP Link TD-8951ND gives unstable connection

    I just bought this from Flipkart: TP-LINK TD-W8951ND 150Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router - TP-LINK: I have another modem, a D-Link one, and when I use that I face no problem, but as soon as I connect the TP-Link one, the connection becomes unstable. When I ping yahoo, I got...
  12. A

    Using one BSNL connection for two houses? Is it LEGAL?

    Hey guys, I have had a computer with internet connection downstairs for almost 6 years now, running on BSNL broadband. But now, after renovation for the upstairs house, I bought a new computer to it, and want internet for that too. Is there any way I can split the internet connection b/w...
  13. chandan3

    Nfs Most wantel 2012

    Can we play (multiplyer) nfs most wanted 2012 without net connection .with lan or wifi.
  14. M

    Connecting euipment on LAN to computers on Wireless LAN

    I am writing this from the ship and we are sailing and not very computer / networking literate. Need your help. All computers on board are connected to one another by wireless LAN connection and all are working well. The master communications computer is connected to the Satellite terminal...
  15. N

    Hardware or Software to share Internet Connection with bandwidth limitation

    Hi, In my office, I am have a BSNL broadband connection. I have a Wifi Modem. Few of us uses Desktop and laptop, some connects their smart phone too. Now I want to restrict bandwidth on shared connection, either by mean of hardware or software. Some one please help me to do it from...
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