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  • Hi friend , I and some of my frnds have started Overclocking and Gaming Forums for indian geeks and gamers ... we would like to invite you to our new forums :D @ http://www.ocfreaks.com , http://www.ocfreaks.in ... we are looking for mods :D , we would love to hear suggestions , advice on forums Topics from ur side. We also have dedicated threads for hardware component troubleshooting...

    -Regards ,
    Umang G.
    No issues pimpom :) I was going to buy this in the first place for my friend which incidentally even you happen to be.
    So since i am not buying it for self you can go for this one.
    hi friends, i need a project writeup on clap switch electronic gadget
    Hey man, the Photography Thread is not the same without your posts. Where are you?
    hey sorry for sending a vm but i dint know how to contact u.. i've seen ur comments to various threads n thought of asking u directly instead of posting a thread.

    actually i am plannin to buy a digital camera... range is around 13k..

    i've shortlisted canon powershot A1100 IS and canon digital IXUS 100 IS.

    can u tell me which 1 shud i go for and WHY(specially)?

    and also if u wanna recommend any other camera pls tell me.. i wud buy it without even asking for reasons.. :) (but has to be within the range)

    pls reply to avnee21_kaur@yahoo.co.in asap..

    thanks alot :)
    Please send me an email at pjdd@rediffmail.com if you want to continue our dialogue in private. I check my mail quite often.

    An email will be more convenient than this messaging facility for detailed explanations.
    Hey! Its me the RAM Problem guy.
    Thanx for Help buddy, and sorry for the new thread u see that i m new to this FORUM stuff.
    i tried wiping off the contacts but it didn't worked out.
    And the ya i checked the CMOS battery its fine.
    But i don't understand wat u mean by clearing the BIOS. Can u help me out with this. I think this might me the solution.
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