1. patkim

    Looking for PS2 Keyboard with 'Power Sleep Wake' function buttons

    I am looking for a PS2 keyboard with Power Sleep Wake function buttons. While I search online, I don't find any with these buttons. Some mention in their description but on product photo these buttons are not there. Does anyone know any brand that makes such a PS2 keyboard with Power Sleep Wake...
  2. Jokumar

    Headphone under 1500rs

    Dear all I need headphone for my RedMi Note 3 I will use it for listening to music as well as taking calls. Music is my first priority as I have to use it for Meditation purpose, for this I don't have to hear outside disturbance. I need volume buttons as well as track change buttons. It...
  3. ZTR

    LG Optimus G Pro or Sony Xperia Z?

    So I want to buy a new phone under 23K and I have shortlisted these two LG Optimus G Pro Pros:Good screen,32 GB internal memory,physical buttons Cons:Too big,Not much dev support (as in ROMs) Sony Xperia Z Pros:Good dev support,small(compared to G Pro) Cons:Screen :( ,onscreen buttons So...
  4. ithehappy

    S5 or M8?

    Okay, buying one coming Tuesday or Wednesday. Now which one would you get? By S5 I obviously don't mean the sh!t Exynos one. This is how I sorted out positives and negatives for both, S5: + Better camera. I am not even going to the comparison with M8. + Better size, and overall grip...
  5. R

    Gaming mouse for ~3K

    Hi All, Currently I possess a Razer DA bought 2 years back and I am planning to change it. I love the placement of the 4th and 5th buttons (do not need any more buttons) and would love similar form factored mouse as I am comfortable with the size and ergonomics of DA. Can I get some...
  6. ankush28

    Lenovo M6811 - cheap gaming beast

    I bought my 2nd M6811 for my laptop after using it on my PC and I think this worth a SHORT review... Packeging:- Bought from flipkart and packeging was excellent.... In the box - mouse, few instrunctiom books.. Setting UP your mice- Just connect to your PC/laptop's USB port and let...
  7. Ironman

    A Gaming , Confortable Mouse (Wired) with Buttons

    I want A Gaming , Confortable Mouse (Wired) with Buttons which gives me the best bang for the buck Having some shortcut buttons will be good 8-) Price Lesser the better : <1k Q1.Is it better to get Lenovo M6811 or E-Blue Cobra 5D instead of Pricey Razer or Logitech MX518...
  8. .jRay.

    Thrustmaster GPX Gamepad Short Review

    I actually wanted to buy a gamepad for quite some time now, after looking at some options like the original x-box controller, thrustmaster gpx, thrustmaster 3in1 (ps3,ps2) and some other ps3 ones, i decided to go with thrustmaster as i had a budget of around 1.5k, ordered it from flipkart for...
  9. RCuber

    Logitech Gaming Software Discussion.

    Logitech Gaming Software, surprisingly good software for managing logitech keyboards and mouse. I have a G105 keyboard and G400 mouse, having some issues configuring the mouse. currently I have couple of problems configuring the buttons. 1. Laser Toggle when on ADS - BF3 has laser...
  10. Nerevarine

    Cooler master Xornet vs Logitech G300

    Which one is better ? I can get Logitech G300 for 1299+Shipping from primeabgb and Xornet for 1.3k from flipkart.. I believe the G300 is a better deal because of more buttons, but it doesnt have any thumb buttons.. I play League of Legends and Call of duty, so which one of these two would be a...
  11. CarlonSamuels

    Gaming keyboard

    Hey everybody i wanted a gaming keyboard to go with my new rig It should have back lit buttons w/usb ports w/multimedia keys Budget 2k-3k
  12. PurusH

    Google's latest Menu Ice Creamsandwich.........

    Android from Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Ginderbread, Honeycomb(for tab) and not Icecream sandwich (ICS)......... ICS has..... •Enhanced speed and performance8-) •Data Usage section in settings that lets users set warnings when they approach a certain usage limit, and disable data use...
  13. Nipun

    Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse

    Hey all! I recently purchased Logitech MX 518 last week. Some members wanted me to review it so here I am. After using it for a week, I guess I know this mouse very much and I hope that this review is helpful for people here. :) PS: This is my first gaming mouse so if I say that "this is great"...
  14. Siddharth_1

    Which controller is better for PC: XBOX Controller or Dual Shock 3

    Actually I wanna buy a controller for my PC. Which controller should I buy? Please take in consideration he following: 1) Better for gaming 2) Better compatibility with PC 3) Life of controller joysticks on buttons 4) Cost Also tell me, for where can I get the controller. Thanks in advance.
  15. S

    Not displaying Request Code page

    I was installing Corel Draw X5 trial version. After installation it was to display the license page displaying the license requirement but it simply displayed a blank page with few radio buttons. I thought that the software was corrupt. Yesterday I was installing Autocad 2009 trial version and I...
  16. Cool Buddy

    Samsung 5 Series 32” LCD TV Review

    Product: Samsung 5 Series 32” LCD TV Model: LA32D 550K Product Link: Enhance and optimise the potential of your digital devices - LA32D550K1R - LCD TV - Television | SAMSUNG Common Tech Specs: Screen Size: 32" (81 CM) Diagonal (26.15" for 4:3 TV broadcast in letterbox mode...
  17. Sarath

    New Mouse problem

    New Mouse button problem!! Guys I just got a Razer Imperator a day back and now I have noticed that the DPI adjusting buttons has a problem. One of the buttons although working doesnt seem to be registering a proper click and sometimes gets stuck when pressed. What should I do? Am I liable...
  18. ico

    Gnome 3 + shell

    Is anyone using it?? I was using the 0.2.0 build. They've now got rid of Minimize and Maximize buttons saying there are more obvious ways to minimize and maximize windows.
  19. kool

    any shortcut buttons for MAGICBRIGHT for SAMSUNG MONITORS..!!

    Guys, There are 5 front buttons on my samsung monitor SyncMaster 732, in which MAGICBRIGHT has stopped working. So is there any alternative solution that can be controlled by keyboard shortcuts? MAGICBRIGHT is just preset button for auto contrast+brightness for (SPORTS, MOVIE, INTERNET...
  20. S

    Where can I repair my out-of-warranty iPod Touch

    I need to change the screen and the two buttons :( If you know any such place in MUMBAI, pls let me know :) Thanks.
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