Gaming mouse for ~3K

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Hi All,

Currently I possess a Razer DA bought 2 years back and I am planning to change it.

I love the placement of the 4th and 5th buttons (do not need any more buttons) and would love similar form factored mouse as I am comfortable with the size and ergonomics of DA.

Can I get some suggestions on a decent gaming mouse within 3K?? I am due to change the mouse pad too (currently using Razer Goliathus control regular mat) so please suggest a few options there are well.


I play FPS and RPG games.


I thinj you wont get any good ones in 3k, all in this price range are equivelent to DA.
G400 costs 3k now :facepalm:


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You can get a Steelseries Kana under that price range. But it seems to have only one side button, not sure though. Also its ambidextrous but still a cool thing to check out.

I myself own a deathadder black edition and I am not fully satisfied by it especially when play sniper. The grip doesn't fit well. Felt that the buldge should be more backwards.


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Logitech G400 is the best option under 3k but very similar to DA.

You can also take a look at Cooler Master Recon or Cooler Master Havoc both are pretty good for gaming.


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Ok.. I bought a G400 (2700) + Qck+ Navi Ltd Edition mouse pad (1500) from FK. Waiting for the shipment to arrive though.

Reason for change is that hump of DA that was troubling me, i felt the logitech design a little comforting when i tested my frnds G5.
Thanks for all your suggestions.

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