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Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse


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Hey all!
I recently purchased Logitech MX 518 last week. Some members wanted me to review it so here I am. After using it for a week, I guess I know this mouse very much and I hope that this review is helpful for people here. :)

PS: This is my first gaming mouse so if I say that "this is great" or something similar, remember that I compare a non-gaming mouse to a gaming mouse here.. :D

The box

The box/packaging of Logitech MX518 has nothing very special. The front and back of the box has the features of mouse printed over it, like compatibility, DPI, Cord length, buttons... From the box, the mouse is visible covered in thick plastic. On openning the box, a driver disk, a user's manual and the mouse itself is found.

Looks and feel

I can't resist from talking about looks of this gaming mouse in this review. It has got really awesome looks and feel for the hand. When I first saw the pics of this mouse online, I thought that the mouse has some kind of "dent-style", with some parts of the mouse punched in. After touching the mouse I found that it was only the design "printed" over it, and this gives a great look to the mouse. Even if you look at the mouse from distance of about a feet, you wont be able to tell if its only design or its really punched in without touching it for the first time. The left side of mouse has a "slot"-or place for the thumb which is very comfortable if you use the computer for more than an hour per day.
There is also a curve on the other side of the mouse which was very comfortable to house my tiny finger. :p Right above the place for thumb are 2 programmable buttons that work as forward and backward buttons by default.

There are three more buttons around the mouse wheel. These buttons are also programmable; by default the button marked with + increses sentivity, - button decreases it and the third button is for switching between the active windows quickly.

On first plugging in the Logitech MX518, the computer automatically detects it and it works normally. All the buttons and settings work perfectly and even without the driver software installed, the DPI of mouse can be changed and other buttons also work with the default function assigned to them by Logitech. It has an optical sensor which can sense upto 2000 DPI.
The cable of this mouse is little thicker as compared to that of my preevious mouse-the Logitech MK200. The on the fly DPI changing is helpful, like if you are editing a photo and need to place a mark right on the next pixel, then decrease the DPI to increase the control over pricision of mouse. Or if you in middle of a road with cops all around you, just increase the DPI and start firing insanely everywhere by moving the mouse only a few inches. Or, if you are sitting behind a car and need to make a head shot, decrease the senstivity and kill the person in front of you.. :D :D
I was using this mouse for about 3-4 hours continously and it was really very comfortable! This mouse is definately better than my previous "non-gaming" mouse.

Installing the driver is very easy and simple. After installation the confusing part starts. On starting the software Windows 7 shows an error that this application has known compatibility issues!(I have not updated the driver.) On running the application nothing happens, no errors, no pop ups. The driver comes with a well written help file.
The first screen on mouse has 3 selections: first mouse, incase you have more than one gaming mouse on your computer; second button selection and third is task. When you click on any programmable button, you can assign it any task like autoscroll or DPI change. You can also assign a keyboard key to it.
The second screen has functions about mouse pointer, like show pointer trail and similar things.
The third screen is "Gaming Screen". It has many functions like game detection and to keep the left right buttons as it is. Nothing much useful here, but On clicking "Advanced Options", the application shows DPI changing screen. Here you can assign 5 different DPI settings, from 400 to 2000 Dots per Inches. The DPI settings need to be in increasing order and you can also add your games to a list of games that driver knows. I don't know why this is there, even help file cannot tell me much about this!

There is also another tab in the software that is named "tools". Under this screen, it shows different options like update or check for news etc.

The Logitech MX518 is a great and comfortable mouse to use and play. The driver has some problems, but you won't mind it as it doesn't act as a great obstacle between you and game ;). This is a lovely mouse that everyone would like to have. Again, as this is my first gaming mouse I can't say how it competes with other gaming mice but when compared with a gaming mouse, we all know who the winner is- The MX518! :D

PS: This review MAY not be complete, some spelling or grammatical mistakes may be there. Please inform me about them. Thanks! :)
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Nice review for those looking to pick this mouse up. I didn't know that the bullet holes effect was just a sticker. That is a let down but thanks to you I found out before buying.
Keep em coming.


I am using it for more than 1 year and for playing games mostly shooter. Have no complaint about it and good enough for every beginner if the design suits your grip style.


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I thought of getting this.. but moved to Death Adder because of the aesthetics and DPI.

Btw, Re size the pictures please. 4k resolution. Seriously?


I am saving for a new mouse actually. Do you guys think I should get the MX518 or wait longer and get the DA. Usage will be to play Indie games and regular browsing and stuff. Don't want El cheapo mice. Do you think either of these two could be used without a mousepad?


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i will vote for DA+Razer Goliathus Omega Mouse Pad Speed using it without a pad will wear out the mouse feet quickly


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^ My Combo that is.

I am now using Deathadder + Goliathus Omega Control. Deadly combo.

But... don't think that you will become a pro gamer once you have the mouse. It just makes you better at which you are good at. In fact, you should give it time to get used to the new sensitivity and DPI.


^ My Combo that is.

I am now using Deathadder + Goliathus Omega Control. Deadly combo.

But... don't think that you will become a pro gamer once you have the mouse. It just makes you better at which you are good at. In fact, you should give it time to get used to the new sensitivity and DPI.

And add me to the same list. :grin:
Deathadder + Goliathus Control


I am surely not going to become a pro no matter what mouse I use. I just want to buy a good mouse for myself. Just can't make do with El cheapo stuff anymore.

Goliathus control is for how much? What are its dimensions?

I will be using the mouse in a dusty environment so please advise accordingly. If MX518 is more rugged, then I will get that.


@krow: I suggest you go to a local shop and try out the mouse for yourself. They might not open it for you but since most mice come in a packaging that looks like a cast of the mouse itself, you can see the fit and grip using the outline of the package. I hope I'm clear. I usually provide pictures when words are lacking but I'm on tapatalk.

Ivs seen a few people changing their mice just because it did not fit them well.

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If you are living in a dusty environment, then, MX518 is the best buy. Its kind of hard to keep Deathadder clean. Because of the glossy sides and rubber top.


I have the imperator. It fits your description too but dust doesn't bother it. I guess we use our mice a lot so I don't see dust settling on it :)


Imperator is beyond my budget. I can save up a max of Rs 2000. I think going by your inputs, I will go for the MX 518 as I am not that hardcore a gamer that I have to spend extra for DA and MX518+mousepad will cost less than DA.

Goliathus Fragged, is it a must-have? How does it compare to the cheaper Rantopad offerings like H1 and H3?


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^^If build quality is considered, MX518 >> DA,(But that doesn't means DA is crappy built). Otherwise, DA >> 518 in all other aspects.
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